Friday, August 12, 2011

St. Paul Saint vs. Winnipeg Goldeyes – St. Paul, MN

HB and TheDoctor sent out a message saying the St. Paul Saints (The Twin Cities minor league ball club) were trying to set a world record for the most high-fives and everyone should consider going. I have been talking about going to a Saints game for a few years now and thought this might be enough of a reason to get me to go see them as any. Remember, I’m not a baseball fan, but I love stadium food.
I found a cheap parking spot ($4) and met TheDoctor, HB, EJens, MegaColon, Jorenby, and some guy near the entrance. Tickets are pretty cheap, but w still opted for the cheapest seats. Right Field Outfield. I think they were $11. We had to move people out of our way when we sat down, but then we immediately got up and went to go get food and drinks. I didn’t really pay too much attention on the way in to what the concession stands had, but I knew I was sitting right behind the Gyro Shack. That sounded perfect for me.

HB beat me in line to the counter and ordered one for TheDoctor. I heard the guy say he liked the regular better than the spicy. I also heard him say it was like a spicy creamy feta, which sounded good to me. I ordered a spicy gyro, which was only $5. Sounded like a deal to me. I also went to the main concession stand and got a Mike’s Hard Lime-ade and some cheese curds. That’s baseball food, right?
The gyro wasn’t the best I’ve ever had. I guess I should have known having not actually seen the spinning pole meat in the shack. But it wasn’t so much the meat as it was the sauce. I should have gotten the regular sauce. The creamy feta was pretty awful. Fortunately, the cheese curds were absolutely awesome and made up for it. Then to bring it all back down, the Mike Lime-ade tasted a bit too much like Windex for my taste. I wasn’t impressed.

So I got a lemonade instead. That made all the difference in the world.

The game was just ok. It wasn’t action packed or anything. However, one of the players hit the “Outback Steakhouse” sign in the outfield when he got a homerun and blew out a couple thousand dollars worth of neon from the sign. It will henceforth be known as the “Ack Steakhouse”.
They have randomly put the aaaaaahwesome fan of the game on a tiny loft on the right field wall where he sits all by himself (and apparently checks his cell phone during the entire game). I’m not sure what the benefit of this is, but I guess if you want to sit on a 2’x2’ platform in the middle of a billboard for a few hours, this might be your cup of tea.

We all got bored and left after about the 5th inning. It was a close game, but our section was already clearing out and the mosquitoes were coming out. But I did get this almost religious photo of TheDoctor and HB hig-fiving during the game. (I might actually frame this and put it on my wall.) Sadly, we never found out if we set the world record, but either way, it was fun to high-five with reckless abandon.
I’m glad I went, but I have decided I only need one such Saints game per year. There’s lots of things in between innings that are entertaining, but for my money, I’d prefer to play, “How many 3rd graders can you take in a fight”. This was our topic of conversation for much of the night. Jorenby claims he could take 40 at once, even if they had one stun gun and one baseball bat. Anyone willing to loan us their 3rd grader to test this theory?....

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