Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fireside Lounge – West St. Paul, MN

D.Rough, and a number of other people, highly recommended the Fireside Lounge to me. Everyone said it had amazing breakfasts where you could have some adult beverages to wash down your steak and eggs. It wasn’t breakfast time, but I had heard there were other good things to eat there. We walked in and they were decorating for Halloween. As in, they had to move boxes of decorations off of tables when people came in to sit down. The staff were very apologetic and made sure they got things hung quickly and weren’t in the way. It was actually sort of fun, hearing them banter and razz each other’s decorating skills.

Deciding on something to eat wasn’t easy. They have all kinds of things I wanted. Turkey dinner special, burgers, tenderloins, fried chicken, spaghetti, salads, and a bunch of other things. D.Rough and I finally decided we wanted burgers. She got a Black and Bleu Burger – Cajun seasoned burger with blue cheese crumbles – and I got a Pulled Pork Burger – BBQ pulled pork on a burger. And, we had been talking about cheese curds for some time, so we got an order of those.

The photo here is two good buddies watching the baseball game on the television and drinking heavily. They were pretty hilarious with their bickering about sports and laughing about all kinds of things. It’s hard to see, but there is a cell phone on the table and they are on speaker phone having a conversation with another of their buddies who wasn’t able to make it to their appointed regular drinking session. It had potential to be annoying since they were both yelling loudly into their phone, but it was more touching that they missed their friend and were making sure he still felt included. That’s the kind of fun and friendly atmosphere this entire place has.

The cheese curds were quite tasty. A tad bit overfried, and still no match for the Minnesota State Fair cheese curds at the mouse place, but still delicious. They weren’t fried so much that the cheese had oozed completely out of them, which we’ve had before, but they were just a little crunchier than many places. That being said, we still devoured these things in lightning quick fashion and wanted another order (but we were responsible and didn’t…sigh…)

The Black and Bleu Burger was one of the better blue cheese burgers I’ve had. The presentation didn’t look like much, but the flavor of the cheese was a perfect match for the Cajun seasoning in the burger. A lightly toasted bun made the whole sandwich well above average. The Cajun fries that came with it were also good – a nice double fry on them gave them a nice crust and it was more seasoning than heat in the spice. Really good.

The Pulled Pork Burger was also top notch. More pulled pork than I expected on top of the burger and it was nice and tender. It came with a side of BBQ sauce that I think might have been Sweet Baby Ray’s (which I love) and when slathered all over the pulled pork, it was even better than I expected. The burger itself was pretty good, but the combination was even better. And I’m glad I went with the onion rings. They were clearly not from a frozen bag and had a lot of batter on the rings.

This was a great dinner at a local lounge. I won’t even call it a dive, since it’s nice inside, but it is a nice homey lounge that I’m looking forward to going back to. I’m guessing a nice substantial breakfast here, with A.M. adult beverages, would be just the thing for a weekend morning.

Thanks everyone for recommending this place. I’m just sorry it took me so long to get here.

Top 5 things about Fireside Lounge
1. Black and Bleu Burger
2. Pulled Pork Burger
3. Onion Rings
4. Super friendly staff
5. Atmosphere I could hang out in

Bottom 5 things
1. I didn’t get the coleslaw that was supposed to come with my pulled pork burger
2. Slightly (seriously not that much!) overfried cheese curds
3. I’m not even sure if the patio they have (in warmer weather) would be a better atmosphere than hanging inside with the locals
4. N/A 
5. N/A

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Teque Arepa – Eden Prairie, MN

I’m a big fan of arepas. I’ve had arepas from maybe ten different places, so I’m not an expert or anything, but I know what I like. For those not familiar, arepas are sort of like tacos, but on a corn starch circle of bread that looks like a large English muffin or a pita. They’re hold-able sandwiches filled with a variety of toppings. Arepa shells (are they called shells? that, I don’t know, actually) are either deep fried in oil or cooked on a flat-top.

A new Arepa place opened up in Eden Prairie in the old Roly Poly (which I was super sad to see leave) and I was dying to try it. I pulled into the parking lot and there was a car next to me with the menu held to the dashboard with a band-aid. That guys is SERIOUS about trying everything on the menu. I like your style, good sir.

The menu on the wall of the restaurant is comprehensive (the photo is from the small take-home menu). Lots of different fillings for your arepa, lots of sides, and lots of juices and drinks. A very nice gentleman at the counter welcomed me and asked if I had had Venezuelan food before. I told him I had had arepas before but not some of the other items, and I was looking forward to trying them. I ordered a Pabellón arepa (he said they were his best seller) and some Queso Blanco Empanadas. Sadly, the man told me the fryers weren’t working right now and I couldn’t get those, nor the fried plantains, nor the fried desserts (tequeños). He seemed as bummed as I did. But he did suggest, “maybe you just order two arepas!” – and that, I did, my friends. So I went with the Rumbera arepa. I had heard people raving about the lemonade with sugar cane in it, so I got one of those as well – called a Papelón con Limón. He asked if I wanted hot sauce or garlic sauce, and then he said, “maybe I just put them on the side. You can choose how much.” Great idea and thank you!

I was a worried when the order came out because the drink looked like a tamarind drink I saw some people drinking. Thankfully, it wasn’t – I’m not a fan of tamarind, no offense. But this was like a lemonade I’d never had before. Very sweet without being sickeningly sweet. The sour of the lemon balanced it all out – I was extremely pleased with this beverage choice. Although, next time, I want to try the soursop shake and pretty much every juice smoothie and shake they have.

The Arepa Rumbera was packed full. Sliced roasted pork and cheddar cheese busting out all over the place. I tried a bite to see if it was as good as it looked. The shell wasn’t greasy like some of the arepas I’ve had before at other places. Very light and just slightly grilled on each side, leaving marks. Crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. The meat was extremely tender and flavorful and I just couldn’t get enough. I tried some with the garlic sauce – Winner. You need to use the garlic sauce. I tried some with the hot sauce – Winner. You need to use the hot sauce, as well. It isn’t like a salsa, it’s like a South American version of Frank’s Red Hot. Vinegary with heat, but also good flavor. Fantastic arepa!

The Pabellón was even better. I think this one is more traditional, based on others I’ve had. It has black beans, shredded beef, white cheese, and sweet plantain slices. I loved that with every bite, there would be this delicious sweet plantain flavor right at the end of the chewing. This one got a little messy, but only because it was packed full, like the first one. Again, the garlic sauce and the hot sauce jazzed it up (not that it needed it) just right.

There was a Venezuelan guy sitting behind me explaining all things Venezuelan to his coworker. Normally, I would have been annoyed, but he was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. I soaked it all up. He talked about how he makes arepas the easy and fast way for his kids every Sunday morning, but Teque Arepa makes them the traditional and better way. They were also playing Venezuelan music on the speakers inside and he commented that what they were actually playing was traditional Christmas music in Venezuela – he was amused.

There were tons of Spanish-speakers eating lunch here, which I was really happy to see. The dining room was decreased since Roly Poly moved out, but there are still 6 or 7 small tables to sit at – all of which were full. Man, I hope this place stays open forever!

I think I just found my new favorite lunch place.................

Top 5 things about Teque Arepa
1. Pabellón arepa
2. Rumbera arepa
3. Lemonade with Sugar Cane - Papelón con Limón
4. Really friendly staff
5. Very generous portions

Bottom 5 things
1. Bummed about the fryers not functioning – but totally forgivable
2. I wish I had a fork. None was brought out and none were provided near the counter
3. Very small dining room
4. So many things, it’s hard to decide – just keep going back!
5. This place is far from my home, but very close to my work. Dang it, now I’m going to want to go to work ALL THE TIME…

Teque Arepa
7733 Flying Cloud Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
(952) 405-8092

Friday, October 25, 2013

Prairie Dogs Hot Dogs & Handcrafted Sausages – Minneapolis, MN

My friends HB and TheDoctor invited me to come try their friend’s gourmet hot dog restaurant, so of course I was game. It’s more of what’s referred to as a “pop-up store”. This is someone who has a restaurant idea, but not a location or store-front picked out just yet. They take over the kitchen, dining room, and bar for the night and serve a special menu of what they intend to serve in the new restaurant when it becomes a reality. This allows them to work out any bugs and get feedback on what people like and don’t like before the operation is in full swing. The Prairie Dogs restaurant was being run in a small restaurant called First Course at 56th and Chicago Avenue in South Minneapolis.

I ordered a large basket of double-fried fries while I waited. I think the boss man, Tobie, took pity on me since I was waiting for everyone so long (I was looking longingly at the menu board changing my mind a hundred times about what I was going to order) and brought over a “Pliny The Elder” hot dog for HB and I to split. This is a really great tasting dog fried in duck fat, covered in foie gras mousse and currant apple relish. Personally, not enough toppings for me, mainly because the toppings were mind-blowingly good. I just wanted more, frankly.

Tobie was working the room, making sure people were happy with their dogs, and getting general comments from customers about what they liked and didn’t like. Tobie is a Minneapolis restaurateur and has a lot of experience setting up restaurants in the area.

The double-fried fresh-cut fries arrived and were just alright. All of the double fried fries I’ve had in the past were quite crispy and almost had a crust on them. These were a bit soggy for my taste, personally, and I expected a bit more crunch to them. Thankfully, they were good and salty, like I like, so I didn’t have any problem eating way more than my half of the fries. (Sorry I’m a fatty, HB.) They reminded me of when my mom makes home-made French fries for the family and doesn’t quite get them crispy enough.

Everyone else arrived and we decided on food. I ordered a Micho’s Sonoran Dog – bacon-wrapped and grilled wiener with cilantro aioli, bean spread, avocado, cotija cheese, onion, tomato, and salsa verde. This is a pretty serious set of ingredients. It was quite messy, but I don’t actually mind that when eating a hot dog. The avocado, cotija, and salsa verde made it taste very much like a taco clone (not in a bad way, I loved it), and the cilantro aioli was the perfect amount of sauce for this thing. Extremely good dog.

I also ordered a Spicy Merguez – a handmade lamb sausage with piquillo peppers, feta, mint aioli on a soft bun. The sausage was really delicious. It could have been a little spicier, but maybe piquillo peppers aren’t spicy – I maybe could have added sri racha to this one if I ordered it again. The feta, I couldn’t taste, but the mint aioli was surprisingly good (and I’m not even usually a mint jelly with my lamb kind of guy). It added some good lubrication to the sausage. Also, a really good dog, but the bun seemed to overwhelm the ingredients.

Everyone decided that overall, the dogs were quite good and had great snap to them. They were Vienna wieners for the hot dogs and homemade sausages for the other items.  The Vienna wieners gave it a really authentic Chicago dog taste that I miss (I’m an Illinois native and know my Vienna sausages). The ingredients were creative and very fresh, but everyone seemed to think there was too much bun for the proper bun-to-topping ratio. The exception being the Prairie Dog – the traditional Chicago dog – and the Micho’s Sonoran Dog, being exactly right for the sheer number of toppings on those two.

I personally can’t wait for Tobie to open up an actual permanent storefront. He’s got some super creative culinary ideas and knows his way around homemade sausages. He’s also quite personable and genuine - I saw home taking some photos and video of the evening. He takes pride in his work and although some of the dogs were pricey, you ARE eating gourmet hot dogs, so you should expect to pay a little more. The flavors were worth it, in my book, and I’m looking forward to trying what I assume will be a pretty creative permanent menu of hot dog wizardry. (I'm also looking forward to coming back and trying out the food at First Course!)

Thanks for the opportunity to try out Minneapolis’ newest restaurant concept!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pig Ate My Pizza – Robbinsdale, MN

D.Rough and I kept hearing about this amazing restaurant in Robbinsdale and just couldn’t find the time to go. We knew it was established by the guys who ran Travail – a fancy restaurant we kept hearing about, due to their wicked gastronomy experiments and appreciation of fine food. We were almost in the neighborhood and decided we needed to check it out.

You enter the restaurant through the back and go to the bar to put your name on the list. I’m not sure how they keep track of who gets to sit when, but I will tell you that smaller groups get to sit first, so consider that. The inside is arranged with long communal tables and one elevated booth referred to as “the hot tub” (the hot tub has furry walls and an extremely narrow walkway to get into the tub – but looks like fun).

We got called quickly, since we were only two people and got a seat at the bar – which was crazy fun to watch it all unfold. We had a great view of the kitchen, which was also really fun. The people working all seemed to be having a good time at their jobs – singing along with the music and yelling “WE GOT A BENDER HERE!” every time someone ordered a Surly Bender. Really fun place to experience the atmosphere at Pig Ate My Pizza. It’s got a loud energy, which isn’t going to resonate with some people who like quiet dining. We also got pink cloth napkins. So it’s upscale, but with a smirk.

All the menu items, including appetizers, beers, and wines , are on the chalkboard walls of the place, so you'll have to look around to decide what you want. thankfully, they're repeated in at least three different locations, so you shiould always have some sort of vantage to see at least one of them. Or you can stare at them while you're standing in line - you may be there a while. So grab a drinnk at the bar and maybe some appetizers while you're waiting. They'll bring them right out to you.
We asked the server a few questions about the different options and she suggested we go with the Tasting Menu. You get three appetizers of the chef’s choosing, two different pizzas of your own choosing, and then dessert. This all sounded great to us. Choosing a pizza sounds like an easy task, but it really isn’t. These guys like odddddd combinations. It isn’t a typical pizza place. In fact, it’s probably best referred to as advanced culinary cuisine. We decided on the Piggy Pizza – pepperoni, house-made sausage, bacon, in a deep dish brioche crust – and the Big Ginger – Korean BBQ, kimchi, soft eggs. Some of the other options include chevre, prosciutto, gazpacho, cured salmon, potato salad, mini tacos, beets, zucchini, speck, and other random things. I told you this stuff was advanced.

The appetizer course came out and the server explained it all to us. There was a generous-sized microgreen salad with some croutons and nice Caesar parmesan dressing. There was a meat plate with duck liver pate, two house-made hams (one cubed and one shaved thin like prosciutto), and rabbit terrine. It also had three of four different mustards, a dollop or three of hot chili oil, some brandied cherries, cornichons, crostini and focaccia. And a bowl of soup, which was presented in a very classy manner. The bowl is presented with some herbs, green oil, and pumpkin seeds and almonds in the bottom. And a tiny grilled cheese sandwich in the bottom of the bowl. Then the server poured the tomato bisque into the bowl to cover the ingredients – very classy. We asked the server what his favorite was and without hesitation, he said the meat plate, specifically the duck liver pate.

The salad was good and had some sardines, and parmesan croutons, and the caesar parmesan dressing helped jazz it up a smidge. I liked it and D.Rough liked it. The meat plate was really quite good. The duck liver pate was covered with a little black pepper. Very smooth and creamy, especially paired with some of the crostini. Delicious. The hams were quite good and we only fought over them a little bit. The rabbit terrine was really good. I wish it had a more substantial meaty flavor, but this is rabbit, not beef or pork. It was good, but I agree with the server and think the duck liver pate was the champion.

The tomato bisque was awesome. Really stand-out awesome. We wished there were a few more grilled cheese bites in the bottom, but if the idea of an appetizer is to make you want more, then this nailed it. The pumpkin seeds/almonds in the bottom were delicious and the green oil had a nice flavor with it. And combined with how they presented it, this was fantastic.

The pizzas we ordered arrived. The piggy pizza was fantastic. Large pieces of pepperoni and thin slices of bacon that was almost lardon. The house-made sausage was spicy and delicious as well. There was only a small amount of cheese on this pizza to hold it all together, so if you’re a cheese person, be prepared. The meat flavor was not the watered down kind of stuff from pizza chains – it was really quality stuff. The crust was the best part of this pizza, and this is coming from a toppings guy. Almost a muffin or biscuit-like crust. A game-changing crust. Delicious, from start to finish.

The Big Ginger pizza was not like any pizza I’ve ever had before. The small meatballs had an incredible Asian glaze on them that was wonderful. Then the kimchi (mostly pickled carrots) added some spicy zing to it. And the eggs were even better than we expected. We knew this was one of those pizzas that wouldn’t likely reheat well, so we made sure we ate all of this one first. Really, a quality pizza.

We were expecting dessert next, but the server came out with a pre-dessert. The idea with a pre-dessert (or so D.Rough says) is that it’s supposed to shock your taste buds a little bit and move you mentally past the entrée portion into dessert mode. This makes sense, especially after I describe what they brought to us. It was two tiny cubes of awesomeness. The server laughed when I asked him if it was a “one-biter” or a “three-biter”. He assured me it was a one-biter. The bottom of the cube was a black pepper crust. On top of that was a cantaloupe curd and covered with a dill crème. Sounds odd, doesn’t’ it? It was. It was also mind-blowingly delicious. I guarantee I’d never put any of these things together on my own, let alone know how to make cantaloupe curd, but whoever came up with this idea was a mad genius. Thank you.

Then the actual dessert came out and presented uniquely. And it was fun. It was a frozen mason jar with honey mascarpone in the bottom along with orange crème en glaze, and salted caramel. Then the server squirted some banana cake into the jar. Finally, he pours some liquid nitrogen into the jar that freezes it all solid. A+ for presentation and also A+ for flavor. This was one of the better desserts I’ve ever had. Tons of different flavors and just the right amount not to be heavy.

Here is the Vine video that D.Rough made at the restaurant. This should give you a 7-second version of how much fun we had at this restaurant.

Top 5 things about Pig Ate My Pizza
1. Big Ginger pizza
2. Salted caramel dessert
3. Meat plate
4. Piggy Pizza
5. Atmosphere all around, including awesomeness of staff

Bottom 5 things
1. You will wait in line, especially if you have more than two people (it’s worth it, though)
2. You may not be seated at a table with just your friends, just a heads up
3. It’s going to be louder than some people will enjoy, but think of it as energy, not noise
4. Doesn’t take reservations
5. Make sure your name doesn’t get passed up on the chalkboard of names next to the beer taps at the bar

And, D.Rough had a meat grinder next to her at the bar.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Early Girl Eatery – Asheville, NC

We had some time on our hands one morning in Asheville, so Mario, A-Wow, Myrna, and Sarah joined me for some breakfast at Early Girl Eatery – a restaurant a few people had recommended for breakfast and lunch.

The place is said to always have a wait and this morning was no different. There was a wait. Like a 90-minute wait. We would see if it was worth it.

The menu had some very interesting breakfast items on it. A couple of creative benedicts to choose from, and some awesome sounding daily specials including duck and some other things. As soon as I saw the Porky Breakfast Bowl, I knew I was going to get that. I even put down my menu so I wouldn’t change my mind and regret it.

When it arrived, I knew I had ordered the right thing. Homefries, bbq pork, scrambled eggs, farmstead cheese smothered in smoky bacon gravy. There was nothing else that could make this more awesome. No, wait. Fire From the Mountain habanero hot sauce. THAT would make it better - and it did. The pulled pork was smoky and moist and the eggs weren’t overcooked like some places do. And the smoky bacon gravy was something I had never had before. I can’t believe that, to be honest. But now that I’ve had it, I will both order it every time I see it, and also figure out how to make it myself. Soooo delicious and creamy without feeling like I was chewing bacon grease.

Great breakfast and not the run of the mill kind of standard fare you get at many diner-y places. It was absolutely worth standing in the rain on the sidewalk for 90 minutes to get inside. This place is great for breakfast, and a few people even went there and scored great food for lunch, as well. Check this place out!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mayfel’s – Asheville, NC

After the Minnesota RollerGirls played their first game of the Divisional Roller Derby Tournament in Asheville, we needed to get some hearty food. We walked down the street from the venue and found this southern cooking (almost Cajun) restaurant with a nice patio. We basically took over the patio with all our people and checked out the menu.

Lots of things to choose from, but D.Rough and I thought we would share some things. We kept going back to this pimento cheese-covered cornbread. We had to get it. D.Rough wanted the Muffaletta sandwich and I wanted the friend shrimp po’ boy. We were going to split them, so we’d get to try more things.

The corn bake came out first and was even better than we expected. Sweet moist cornbread with pimento cheese poured over the top. I’ll be honest – pimento cheese is like fancy velveeta with some peppers in it, but it is delicious. I’m not knocking it at all, I promise.

The sandwiches were pretty darn large as well. The shrimp po’ boy was covered with a fun remoualde and served on a nice baguette. The breading on the shrimp wasn’t heavy, thick, nor greasy, and we both commented on how perfectly done it was. Great sandwich and I think the remoulade had a little zing to it. Just seasoning, not heat, but delicious, all the same. The fries were pretty standard. Overall, it was a great meal.

The muffaletta was surprisingly good. I’m very surprised about how much cheese was on it. It had provolone and mozzarella cheese on it in a serious way. I was thrilled with it. The meat on the sandwich also surprised me – I thought these things were primarily stuffed with olives, but this one was pretty special. Plus the bread it was on was toasted just a little bit, not all burned out like sometimes happens. Plus the sweet potato fries were really crispy and tasty. I liked these a lot more than the standard fries that came with the other sandwich.

This was a pretty tasty meal. I think most people were pretty happy with the meals we had. Some people had burgers. Some people had cupcakes. Some people had the beignets. Lots of good comments from this place. Nicely done.

No top 5, but suffice it to say it was a great experience. Nicely done, Mayfel.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mellow Mushroom – Hickory, NC

While I was visiting friends in Hickory, they suggested I try out Mellow Mushroom while I was out running around playing disc golf. They said the pizza there is outstanding and very creative. Say no more – I’ll go!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was much nicer on the inside than I expected. I know this is sort of a southern chain, but I had never eaten there. The inside has some pretty funky colors and designs and eclectic people. Some hippies, some business people, some football jerseys. A little mix of everything. I ordered an Olde Hickory Red Ale and checked out the menu.

The menu was even more creative than I thought it could be. I really wanted about 15 different pizzas there. I had it narrowed down to two different kinds. When I asked the server, Delaney, which one I should get, she told me they do half and half pizzas! Hooooray! I got to try both of my choices. Philosopher’s Pie and the Maui Wowie. 10” pizza, all for me.

The pizza arrived pretty quickly and was just what I wanted. The Philospher’s Pie was a olive oil and garlic base with grilled steak, Portobello mushrooms, artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, provolone, feta, and mozzarella cheese. I really liked this pizza and wasn’t disappointed in my decision at all. Great steak flavor and delicious cheese. There was a lot of Portobello on the half which gave it a pretty solid earthy flavor. I honestly didn’t notice it until I bit into my first bite of the Maui Wowie.

A pesto base with ham, pineapple, jerk chicken, banana peppers, applewood smoked bacon, and mozzarella. This pizza was very vibrant with the pineapple and banana peppers brightening the whole pizza up. The bacon didn’t hurt the whole thing either. But the best part was the jerk chicken seasoning- incredible. One of the better pizzas I’ve had.

For those in Minneapolis, I’d compare this pizza to Pizza Luce, but I think it’s a little better than that. Very fresh ingredients and very creative combinations. I know the combos they have are heavy on ingredients, which I know some people don’t like. If you’re a crust or a cheese person, this may not be for you. But I, for one, love tons of ingredients, especially fresh and creative ones.

Thanks for the recommendation, Aunt Kathee!! I'll not hesitate to eat at another one the next time I see it.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sawmills Veterans Park Disc Golf Course – Sawmills, NC

I had some time to play a second course while down in Hickory, so I went to Veterans Park. It’s a very well maintained park with a relatively new disc golf course.

The first hole is near the tribute to the veterans and you throw pretty much through the flags behind the memorial. Odd, but a pretty challenging open hole.

Then, into the woods (with a couple of mando's). Thankfully, there were always defined fairways, but they weren’t always wide open.

And lots of good elevation.

Then there’s this awesome hole off an elevated deck. It’s a very solid tee, to my surprise. I’ve been on a few other tees like this and haven’t always felt safe – or the railing at the end was a hindrance to throwing. This one was perfectly built. And it was nice and long. Over 400 ft. Something not common in these parts. This was one of my favorite holes in this area. And I grabbed a nice par, which didn’t hurt.

Then, back into the woods. (Do you see a pattern here?)

Finally, the course finished with an open hole with a tight pin placement near the entrance of the park.

The final hole is a fun just-under-400-foot hole the looks like a left-hander friendly hole, but ends back with a tail back to the left. A nice birdie if you can get it – I didn’t – but nothing that will send you back to the car angry.

This was a nice course and very well kept.

Now, that I’ve seen a few of Hickory’s courses, I’ll be VERY hesitant to play anyone from here on a wooded course. I will assume they can all throw 250 feet on a very precise line and not hit any trees. But I WILL challenge them on a longer more open course. I might be able to pull off a W in that situation.

It was a good day of disc golf, despite me blowing out my hiking boots. When I get back to Hickory, I’ll definitely play this course again. It’s got a variety of shots – some I have in my bag and some I don’t. haha.