Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fox and Goose Public House – Sacramento, CA

D.Rough and I found ourselves alone for breakfast in Sacramento, so we hopped a cab to the number two-ranked restaurant in Sacramento. It had to be good, right? Well, if the line out front was any indication, the answer is yes. The line was extensive, but they really set you up near the bar, so you’ve got something to occupy your time while you wait. I occupied myself with a nice Belhaven Scottish Ale…

The menu has a whole host of distinctly British items on it (bangers, Full English, etc.), as well as omelets, waffles, pancakes, and some healthy items. I went with the corned beef hash with a crumpet and D.Rough got the Benedict Arnold. We also needed to split an olallie berry scone.

Despite the packed house, we really didn’t wait long for our food, which was fantastic because we had waited a little while to be seated. We were hungry.

The scone was sooooooooooooooo good. Not the dry biscuit-style scone you find at Panera or Starbucks. This was light and soft and fluffy and filled with berries. Absolutely perfect. It also came with a little dish of Devonshire cream which made it even more delicious. We should have both ordered our own…

The corned beef hash had great corned beef flavor, though I had hoped for more veggies mixed in with it. I saw very few green peppers and potatoes in here. Thankfully, the flavor was still pretty delicious. The basted eggs I got were perfectly cooked and I was able to get the yolk into almost every bite of the hash, just the way nature intended. The dish was above average, to say the least. The crumpet was also delicious with the assortment of jams and marmalades on the table. Fluffy without being chewy. I was pretty pleased with my breakfast.

D.Rough’s Benedict Arnold came with corned beef on English muffins and a side of English country potatoes. Basically deconstructed corned beef hash. So yes, we ended up getting almost the exact same dish, just built different. Hers also came with a dish or rarebit cheese sauce, which is a very tangy thick cheese. It wasn’t her favorite breakfast condiment, but I didn’t mind eating it on various things. Her poached eggs were also cooked perfectly, which isn’t an easy task. She was also pleased with her breakfast.

While this may not be the first place we’d head if we come back to Sacramento, we would definitely go back here. The food was good, you can get breakfast alcohol, and it’s got a great lively atmosphere without being loud.

Top 5 things about Fox and Goose Public House
1. Olallie Berry Scone
2. Benedict Arnold
3. Corned Beef Hash flavor
4. Bar in the waiting area
5. The dinner menu looks killer

Bottom 5 things
1. Not enough veggies in the corned beef hash
2. Long wait time for breakfast/brunch
3. If you build your own omelet, it can get pricy very quickly
4. Warning, they won’t seat your party unless you’re all there (not uncommon, I’m just warning you)
5. When the Uber driver (from England) picked us up afterwards, he immediately told us we should have gone to another British Pub for breakfast - hahahaha


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