Monday, September 15, 2014

Bad Movie Night - Japanese Weapons Theme - St. Paul, MN

This month's Bad Movie Night had a Japanese theme - specifically Japanese weapons that are outrageous.

  • Robo Geisha - Geishas are turned into robots and given weapons under their skin and then trained as assassins
  • Tokyo Gore Police - People are turned into "engineers" when various weapons are bolted onto their bodies
People brought some pretty creative Asian food items for the potluck portion, as well. All kinds of snacks were purchased from asian grocery stores and lots of Chinese take-out places were exploited for their various deliciousness. All in all, a pretty awesome night, and one of our best turnouts EVER.  We had 40+ people in the basement yelling along with the film!

(And photo credits go to my lovely wife, D.Rough. She's the best.)

LooseChange and LooseChangesBrother made me a crab rangoon pizza special just for me! Delicious!

Sometimes, people come in costume for these things - and we encourage that wholeheartedly.

Tickles brought Mango-Ritas, bubble tea powder, and pearls to make bubble tea. Super trashy and tasty!

Soooooo much ramen/noodle cups were consumed...


Psy's Sujo! Yes, it's a thing.
We also had 6 bottles of sake to drink. We didn't make it through all of them, despite our best efforts...

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