Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gyropolis – Minneapolis, MN

This place had continuously popped up on my radar when searching for food place and I was finally in the neighborhood to check it out. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I pulled into the parking lot, it was packed. When I tried to get in the front door, it also was packed. This place does phenomenal business during the lunch hour.

Thankfully, standing in line gave me ample time to check out the menu thoroughly and make up my mind. …which I changed right at the exact moment I was ordering. Hahaha.

I went with the spicy gyro sandwich. It was enough of the basics to be able to compare it to other places, and then with enough zing to make sure it was going to have some flavor. I also upped it to the meal deal they had and got some seasoned fries and a drink (can or fountain pop).

There wasn’t any place to sit, so I got it to go and headed back to work to eat in the parking lot sunshine and listen to music. I apologize for the photo looking green – it is the sun tinting at the top of the windshield that I didn’t notice until after I had wolfed down the sandwich and looked at the photo with tzatziki-covered fingers.

The gyro itself was really good. The meat was fantastic and had some crunchy bits on it – my favorite. There were some red and green peppers on it, as well, which I love. The pitas are fried a bit on the flat top, so they have some more flavor. But the real gem of this was the spicy tzatziki sauce. I thought it was going to be like sri-racha mayo or something, but it isn’t. It actually has some heat and amazing flavor! Best spicy tzatziki I’ve ever had. I really enjoyed this gyro and will now try to find a reason to trick A-Wow or M.Giant or FlameRetarded into going there with me.

The seasoned fries were good. Not great, but just good. The seasoning was a little sparse and they needed some ketchup. But they were still good to have with the sandwich. I’m really happy with this place and look forward to heading back!

Good showing, Gyropolis!

2325 W. 90th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55431

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Jeni Flaa said...

Gyropolis was our favorite place to get a gyro before we left. I think they had the perfect balance of ingredients and the veggies were fresh like you mentioned. I always got the spicy gyro. Jake loved their spicy gyro pizza. I think I remember being impressed with their greek salad.