Friday, September 19, 2014

Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company – Tahoe City, California

A-Wow, Stü, and I took a road trip to the mountains of California. It was lunch time and we all like drinking beer in picturesque locations. So we decided to hit up Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company. It’s a nice little brew pub overlooking Lake Tahoe, right on the main road that runs through the small town there.   They’ve got some upscale bar food and of course, a great beer selection (both brewed there and around the region). I got some beer battered cod tacos and a South Pacific Provisions farmhouse ale.
Right off, the beer was pretty delicious. It’s got some lychee flavors in it, but it isn’t sweet. Very interesting without being weird. I ended up getting a couple of these…  
The Cod tacos had great beer batter flavor on them. The cole slaw was a bit bland, but the chipotle aioli saved it. Great light snack before we headed back on the road.
…well, AFTER we put out feet in the waters of Lake Tahoe, of course… Great little brew pub that I’d hit again the next time I’m in town.

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