Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Captain J’s Mini Golf – Superior, WI

This was the second stop in the great mini golf challenge. It started when a certain someone decided to begin crap-talking about mad skills on the mini golf course. Well, never one to ignore a challenge (which has gotten me into trouble numerous times), we decided to settle it on the course. Fortunately, we drove past a random mini golf course while visiting the Duluth/Superior area.

Captain J’s is right outside the world’s only remaining whaleback ship – the U.S.S. Meteor, which no one seemed to pay any attention to at all. It’s medium-sized, it’s a ship, … next. The course seemed to be pretty full and lots of kids, which, to me, hearkens of EASY. And it was.

Pretty ho-hum holes with no water hazards or crazy dancing clowns with tridents spewing fire or acid. A couple of rocks in the way and some oddly shaped brick-lined walls. Hit it up the middle, and you’re going to get close. One hole shaped like a tiny volcano, which was a huge bottleneck for people. We waited forever, despite the fact that there was a “supposed” 7-stroke limit per hole. Also one hole with like 5 random sized humps (I wish they were lovely lady lumps) in the surface which was an almost-challenge.

Honestly, we had fun. Don’t get me wrong, but when you’ve played some serious courses, you get used to a certain level of challenge (or at least interesting-ness). I’d recommend it if you’re passing through and want to kill a half hour. It’s dirt cheap, so it’s got that going for it.

Top 5
1. It was cheap (like $4 or something)
2. Great for kids (or a crap talking girlfriends with lacking skillz)
3. Close proximity of public bathrooms (on board the U.S.S. Meteor)
4. Hole with the humps
5. There’s a place to get ice cream across the parking lot from the course

Bottom 5
1. Boring design
2. Lacking in the shade department
3. No water hazard or acid
4. No chance to win a free round on the last hole to award your marksman-like skill
5. D-bags trying to give Tiger Woods-style putting tips to their whore girlfriends (or escorts)

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