Saturday, August 30, 2008

Playing Wii at M and Trash’s house - Minneapolis, MN

If you didn’t know, Gerd is a Wii junkie, which is hilarious because she doesn’t own a Wii. There have been emergency trips to Best Buy to play the demo models there. There have been children pushed out of way to play Wii games. There have been hours where she disappeared at friends’ houses during parties when she discovered they had Wii. Since this Wii was purchased by M a few weeks ago, this topic has come up at least 10 times a day at random points. “Hmmm, it’s warm out. I wonder what M’s Wii is doing now.” (Sad but true.)

We got invited over to M and Trash Giant’s house to play some Wii. We showed up with some girly drinks – my specialty. I whipped up a couple of orange or green colored drinks for us, got yelled at for not utilizing THEIR liquor, and we headed to the basement.

Trash told M and I that we would be boxing for her amusement. The last time we played, I got my ass handed to me (clearly M had been watching old game tapes of Mike Tyson). This time, I focused on two moves and returned the ass-handing to my good friend M. I also threw in some sweet dance moves for the ladies’ entertainment.

We played some tennis, which we all played poorly, but was hilarious. Then we did some bowling, which Trash REALLY gets into. She flails about wildly and kicks her feet (did I mention this is bowling?). So you know, they made those wrist straps for Trash. She commanded I stand up while I bowl because I figured out how to bowl while leaning back on the couch. I was a couch Wii star in my own eyes, and still managed to get over a hundred.

We ate craploads of candy, and had a couple of drinks, which puts Trash right to sleep. But we had to end the night with the most pointless game of all time. It’s called Cooking Mama. You have to stir things and crack eggs and peel vegetables. M and I loathe this game, yet somehow ended up giving advice to help out Gerd. Gerd loves games without a point. I think this way, she doesn’t feel like someone else can beat her. You have no idea how pointless this game is, so do yourself a favor and don’t find out.

We can’t wait for the next trip to their house. We always end up leaving with a headache from laughing so hard. I’m trying to live up to the high expectations of providing quality girly drinks, so I’ll have to come up with something new. If you’ve got suggestions, send ‘em over.

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maximillian_x said...

Would that make Gerd a "Wiitard?"

I figured you'd appreciate that. :)