Monday, August 11, 2008

Doolittle's - Eagan, MN

Top 5 Positive Things
1. Meat
2. Aroma
3. Variety of dishes on the menu
4. Great salads
5. Hot Voyeur Rotisserie Action

Top 5 Negative Things
1. Prices can be slightly high
2. Our waitress thought Chao was a girl (actually this was funny because she felt terrible)
3. Lamb
4. If you get a burger the garnish makes the bun soggy
5. Location (only because I don't live in Eagan)

Great Place for: business lunch, TV sports spectators, family outings, dates

Doolittle's is one of those places where you step out of your car and your hunger level is multiplied by 6 because you can smell the meat cooking. Even if you don't like meat. Its science. When you are brought to your table you are walked by a giant rotisserie with glass so you can see the meat spin inside on the skewers. I love watching rotating meat but it leaves me with many questions. Such as, how often is the meat removed? When we are there and the restaurant is closing in an hour, why is there still so much meat being cooked? Who is this meat for? Is it used the next day and if so, is that alright? Next time I am totally asking and will update with what I find out.

We have been to Doolittle's a few times and have gotten a variety of different things on the menu. It is one of those places where you can get salads, sandwiches, burgers, or expensive steaks and other entrees. I have had the Beef Tenderloin with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce and the Hickory Burger. Both were fabulous. Chao had the Rotisserie Lamb Focaccia on our second trip which he wasn't too excited about but he also had the Asian Salad which he liked. I have had both the Caesar Salad and the Bacon and Spinach Salad and I highly recommend both.

Definitely stick with meat. Get a salad. Avoid the lamb.

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