Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Potbelly - Minneapolis, MN

I’ve never been to this chain restaurant, so we decided to go there after work one day, despite it being really far out of the way for me. It’s got a pretty slimmed down menu for sammiches, which, to be honest, was a welcome change from having to decide between 50 different items. The sammiches were well described, with the exception of mortodello, which I thought came from morte=death and dello=I don’t know: loosely translated as death-meat. It was not. It was actually kind of like ham. They also have a sammich called the “wreck” which rules. It has everything on it. It’s a mama-cass killer.

The guy working the counter was hilarious. He held up the mortodello and modeled it for me. I started to talk about toppings and he told me we would have that conversation a little later. The guy was awesome. He talked us into buying some broccoli cheese soup, which was pretty good, although the broccoli was a little soggy. Other than that it was good. We talked toppings and drinks and he finished up the sammiches. The guy had dreads and awesome sideburns, so if you deal with that guy, sit back and enjoy the ride. The girl behind the counter was also funny, commenting on how the wreck was her favorite sammich. She loved to get wrecked. She couldn’t wait until she got wrecked again.

The sammiches are toasted, which I’m usually not a fan of, but they ended up being more warm than toasted, so everything was quite good. They both had a good amount of meat, good amount of cheese, good amount of toppings. No complaints. The Italian sammich and the Wreck were both great. I would go back and get either anytime.

Top 5 things
1. The staff, both the guy and girl there were super helpful
2. Small menu, but still had everything I needed
3. Really good price. Like $4.50 or something. Wurd
4. Soup was tasty
5. They have all kinds of crazy milkshakes

Bottom 5 things
1. If you’re looking for a big menu, this isn’t it
2. No pepperjack cheese
3. In a college-ish area, yet a distinct lack of hot college ladies
4. I’m still not a fan of toasted subs
5. Doesn’t anyone have Mt. Dew in the Twin Cities?!!?!?

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I Quit Smoking said...

Hey! I work at Potbelly---have you been to the Edina one?

Taco Bell has MTN Dew! Other than that, I get frustrated at that as well! Coke products rule the galaxy!