Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse - Minneapolis, MN

We decided to visit Ruth's Chris after Chao's dad told us about their Summer Special. For $89.00, the Summer Special includes two first courses, two side dishes, two main course entrees, and a dessert to share. They have a special menu so you can't choose the Porterhouse for Two (regularly $80 alone) as one of your options, but there were still several great items to chose from.

We both got the Caesar Salad for our first course and it was amazing. It came with peppery cheese crisps and the dressing was creamy and fabulous. For our side dishes we chose two potato dishes, au gratin and mashed. Chao described the mashed potatoes as cloudlike and he was right. Chao ordered the Petite Filet and I ordered the Mixed Grill which included a smaller than Petite Filet, a Crabcake, and Stuffed Chicken Breast. If you are unfamiliar with Ruth's Chris, they serve their entrees on a really hot (like 500 degree) plate with butter that sizzles. Best. Idea. Ever. The Filets were fantastic. They only season them with salt and pepper and use a high grade of meat, and are cooked quickly in a 1800 degree oven or grill or some type of heat element. I didn't pay attention - I was too excited. The Stuffed Chicken Breast was as good as chicken gets but was attached to some bone and the Crabcake was the best I have ever had with big chunks of crabmeat. For dessert we split the Warm Apple Crumb Tart. By split I mean Chao had two bites because he hates dessert and I ate most of the rest. Score!

This meal was so good I wish there were Ruth's Chris lock-ins so I could stay there and eat all night. The server was awesome and it is one of those restaurants where they regularly scrape crumbs off of your table. I have eaten lots of fancy and expensive steak and this was by far my favorite. The Summer Special was a fun and fairly affordable (in comparison) way to experience the restaurant. We will definitely go back and we will definitely talk about this meal for weeks.

Top 5:
1. Sizzling butter on hot plates
2. Quality meat with fantastic flavor
3. We had a super fun server who looked and talked like Gwen Stefani
4. Everything was excellent from bread through dessert - I am not sure you can go wrong here
5. Great atmosphere

Bottom 5:
1. It is expensive
2. The bathrooms are hard to find and they escort you there if you ask
3. No lock-ins or other overnight programs offered
4. Valet parking
5. Lots of snooty rich people

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