Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Redstone American Grill - Eden Prairie, MN

Top 5 Positive Things
1. Atmosphere/Decor
2. Strawberry lemonade
3. Varied lunch menu with good flavor combinations
4. Portion sizes were appropriate for a healthy eater
5. The cornbread appetizer was really good (and can be ordered in single slices with your meal)

Top 5 Negative Things
1. Prices were slightly high
2. Some salads are presented all fancy-style, which means they are a pain to cut into bite size pieces
3. Tornado siren testing happened during lunch RIGHT outside the building – wow.
4. Lunch crowd gets the new wait staff until they’re good enough to serve the dinner crowd
5. A LOT of staff – we met 5 or 6 people in our culinary journey (who am I tipping?)

Great Place for: business lunch or singles pick-ups at dinner (from what I’ve heard)

A group of my co-workers went to lunch at Redstone American Grill and had a great experience. I was hard-pressed to come up with 5 negatives. Right off the bat, the parking lot had some of the best food smells I’ve ever been around, I could tell it was going to be good. The place is beautiful inside. Large dark wood tables and walls that open up to let in the breeze or let you eat outside. The staff was really nice, if a bit young, and pretty attentive. I ordered the Kai Thai Chicken Salad, over my second choice of the Redstone burger – tough call, but I ended up just fine. Enough people in the group wanted cornbread with their meals that we got one for the whole table. It was served by a trendy chap with silvery sunglasses right out of a cast iron skillet onto our appetizer plates. Really good and buttery, which apparently some people thought was too heavy (they don’t have the hick relatives that *I* do obviously). I can’t go on enough about the strawberry lemonade. I’m not usually a flavored lemonade guy, but it sounded right, and it was. Perfect combo of flavors. The salad was better than I imagined. It was NOT iceberg lettuce and had carrots, tortilla strips, lime vinaigrette, and was drizzled in peanut sauce. Top notch salad (this coming from a non-salad guy). Everyone else seemed happy with their meals. Apparently, flatbread pizzas are a specialty and looked really good – those that ordered that raved about them. Soups and other salads seemed to hit the spot for other people. Looks like you can’t go wrong with anything on this small but varied menu.

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