Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthday Cake at Work – Eden Prairie, MN

I’ve never really been known as a big dessert eater. Which has worked out well for me in the past – I’ve gotten fat eating other things aside from sugar. If I liked desert, I would weigh 500+ pounds. But with my birthday coming up, everyone gravitates toward cake, except me.

My boss knew this, so she decided she was going to do something special for me for my birthday. She had talked this up at work for a week, so I was beginning to think it was going to be a pantless mariachi band or some sort of fight club or something. Thankfully, it wasn’t. She made me a cake. So what’s the only way I’ll eat something that I don’t really care for? …

Wait for it…

Put bacon on it.

She made a red velvet cake with piggy pink frosting and then it was topped with bacon bits. I know it sounds horrific, but it’s truly not. Remember the chocolate covered bacon I had at the State Fair this summer? (boy I sure do...) It’s like that – you have to think of it as a salty-sweet snack, not a culinary horror. It was honestly one of the best desserts I’ve ever had in my entire life.

And it wasn’t just me. Many of my coworkers tried it hesitantly, and said they loved it, after they got over the weird factor. It truly was really good.

I think my boss may have moved up a notch in my book…

Top 5 things about bacon cake
1. Seriously, it had bacon on top
2. It had pink frosting
3. I didn’t have to make it
4. I got out of work for a half hour to eat
5. Bacon on cake traumatizes people

Bottom 5 things about bacon cake
1. It’s still cake (but it’s now a new mechanism to get bacon into my mouth)
2. I wanted to eat more of it
3. Leaving a piece of it on my desk drew all kinds of distracting attention from passers-by
4. I’m not likely to find it at any restaurant
5. My boss took the leftover part home to horrify her husband and son

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Nikki said...

All of these years lil' brother of no cake for you and all we had to do was put pink frosting and bacon on it?? Whodathunkitt? Dang... I want that recipe!!