Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sunday Brunch with the Jensens - CC Club – Minneapolis, MN

A group of Gerd and I’s friends get together some Sundays to have brunch at various places around the Twin Cities and we’ve never gotten to go. Well, I actually went this time, just to shock them all. The place was the CC Club, which is kind of a dive bar that serves some decent breakfast and lunch bar food.

I was actually the first one there, which I should have anticipated. Eventually, about 20 of their/our friends showed up, and we had a great time. Add in a couple of screwdrivers or bloody mar’s and you’ve got yourself a real breakfast.

The breakfast I got was awesome. The meat omelets was filled with sausages and ham and bacon, and the American fries were perfectly seasoned – in fact three other people ate most of my potatoes. I know most breakfast places are difficult to differentiate, but this was pretty good bar food. Not too much, not too little, and very flavorful. What else can you ask? (aside from a couple of high octane drinks..)

I’d recommend this place, but realize you’re going to get bar food breakfast. Quality bar food, but it’s still eggs, bacon, and toast. Also, I’ll be hanging with these guys more. For not being librarians like Gerd and I, they sure read a lot of books and hang out with book clubs.

Top 5 things about the CC Club
1. American fries and their awesome seasoning
2. Screwdrivers for breakfast (even though it was after noon)
3. Super meaty omelet
4. They have room for 20 people in a group
5. Super awesome jukebox full of metal

Bottom 5 things
1. Still bar food in a dive bar
2. They seemed to have taken a lot of the appetizers off the menu (poppers, cheese sticks)
3. I heard the restrooms were scary
4. There is a water/coffee server, and also a drinks/food server. They don’t do things the other one does
5. I wish I knew what “CC” stands for


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mpaulson said...

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