Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunnyside Up Café – Minneapolis, MN

Gerd’s parents were up this weekend and I was trying to make sure they got to eat at a couple of Gerd’s favorite places. Even though there are about 50 places Gerd said, “We’ll take my parents here when they come up,” we could only go to a limited number of places in the short time they were here this weekend. (Actually, her parents would have to live in the Twin Cities for at least 2 years for them to be able to go to all the places Gerd wanted them to. Ha ha).

Gerd and I love to try new breakfast places, but we always end up back and the Sunnyside or the Uptown on a regular basis. It’s a lively eclectic crowd of people and they actually have unique breakfast foods, rather than standard eggs and toast. If you get there before like 10am, you can usually get in without too long of a wait. Gerd’s parents and I got there about 9, and waited maybe 5 minutes for a table – no problem.

We waited a bit for some service, but they were apologetic about and took care of us with coffee and water and such. The best things to get at the Sunnyside are the French Toast (might be like Santa Fe French toast or some such name, I can’t remember) or the blue corn pancakes. The French toast claims it is the best French toast ever. Because it is.

The French toast is covered in cinnamon cornflake crumbs and is amazing. Crunchy goodness, mixed with a pool of maple syrup makes for the perfect combination. Seriously it’s really good and really filling. GerdsMom got the French toast after I told her it was one of Gerd’s favorites, and she found out why. Gerd had a bit of a sweet tooth, but also liked things to taste GOOD, not just sweet. These were perfect for GerdsMom. Gerd’s Dad got a standard egg, bacon, hashbrowns, and toast breakfast, which is always good, just about any place you go. No problem.

I ended up foregoing the blue corn pancakes (first time I think I’ve gone there and NOT gotten them, in fact), and went with the Combo – something Bitter turned me on to the last time we went there. It’s usually a mini waffle of some sort, a slice of the world’s best French toast, eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. Everything I wanted (except for the blue corn pancakes) on one plate. My only issue with it was the syrup pool tended to get into the hashbrowns and seemed a bit odd in the end. I managed to power through it – ha ha.

I’m surprised I haven’t reviewed this place before since we’ve eaten here so much. It’s really good, and worth a wait if there is one. Again, Gerd should be pleased that I took them to two of our favorite inexpensive restaurants!

Top 5 things about the Sunnyside Up Café
1. French Toast
2. Blue corn pancakes (even though I didn’t get them this time)
3. I got to take Gerd’s parents to one of our favorite places
4. No wait
5. Blueberry mini waffle was surprisingly good

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd’s favorite place to eat just isn’t the same without her
2. It was really cold in there – people had their coats on while eating
3. Service was a tad slow
4. Parking is usually a pain at the Sunnyside
5. Doesn’t have bloody marys and screwdrivers like other breakfast places we like to go

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Anonymous said...

It's STILL cold in Sunnyside?!? It's always been cold in there.

I'm sure Gerd is happy you are keeping the traditions going.