Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Laredo’s Tex-West – St. Louis Park, MN

Gerd and I always wanted to go here, so with my family in tow (they’ve been baby sitting me) we thought we should try this place. My family loves Mexican and Tex-Mex food, so it was easily agreed on.

We waited a short while for a table, and got our menus. There’s a lot of stuff on this menu. Texas-sized portions of things, Mexican dishes, steaks, margaritas (including a 60 oz giant with Swedish fish in it – called Fish in a Barrel), and burgers. Our server brought us out a bucket of chips and some salsa, which we demolished and had to get a second. I come from a long line of veteran chip and salsa eaters.

It came down to two dishes for me and I let the waitress decide. We went with Chilaquiles for me. My sister got a BBQ chicken quesadilla, my nephew got a Juicy Julio (Mexican version of the juicy lucy), and my mother got fish tacos. And this is one of 5 restaurants in the Twin Cities that serves Pepsi products – Mt. Dew – cha-ching!

The chilaquiles were some of the best I’ve ever had. If you’re not familiar with these, it’s kind of a Mexican casserole – cheese, tortilla chips, chicken, an egg or two, and tomatillo salsa cooked together until it’s mushy and crunchy at the same time. Really awesome. The BBQ chicken quesadilla was a bit weird for me. Didn’t seem Mexican, but didn’t seem bbq-y either. Weird, but not bad. My nephew raved about the Juicy Julio with beans but he was rude and didn’t offer me a bite, so I’ll take his word for it. The fish tacos were apparently good, but my mom isn’t a walleye fan and that’s all they have in Minnesota.

Waitress was kind of funny and pretty efficient although some things took longer than expected. She was chatty in a bi-polar sort of way though, so we liked her.

Top 5 things about Laredo’s
1. Chilaquiles
2. Mt. Dew
3. Juicy Julio
4. Texture of the table top was mesmerizing
5. Unlimited chips and salsa

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd wasn’t there
2. Fish tacos
3. Some time issues
4. Mom wouldn’t let me order a 60 oz margarita with Swedish fish in it
5. BBQ Chicken quesadilla


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