Friday, March 20, 2009

Original Pancake House – Edina, MN

My father is retired, but drives a delivery truck for a forwarding company when they need him to deliver random things at random times to random parts of the country. My father, being random himself, is perfect for this job. I got a call yesterday that he’d be delivering in the twin cities and wanted to know if I wanted to grab a bite to eat. Of course I did. Then he told me it would be breakfast at 6am. Ouch.

He asked where we could meet for breakfast that was close to the interstate and on my way to work. I picked the Original Pancake House for these reasons. Also, Gerd and I went there once when we first moved and decided that despite its old people flowery wallpaper, it had pretty decent food.

When I woke up at oh-god-o’clock, I thought to myself, I probably should have checked the hours of this place before we get there. Just then my father called and said they were closed. But they opened up at 6:30, so we could wait. Whew. After I drove him around for 20 minutes looking for a Wells Fargo ATM, I gave up and found him a nice BP station where he would be forced to pay some service fee to get money out. Hey, when you’re scoring the super senior discount at a random hotel in Savage, MN, to save 3 dollars, this might push your budget over the edge. Ha Ha Ha. I love my father.

Back to breakfast. We were the first one seated in the entire restaurant and got super fast service. Dad decided on the pancakes (he probably knew Coach would yell at him if he ordered anything other than what the name of the restaurant’s claim to fame was) and bacon. I opted for the basted eggs and bacon (and pancakes, so Coach wouldn’t yell at me either). Apparently bacon is a hereditary gene. Also, I didn’t know what basted eggs were and had to ask. I’m a scrambled guy, but will basically eat them any way you put them on my plate.

Basted eggs are simply over easy with some butter on top. Whatever. They were good and the bacon is super thick and really tasty. Not sure who their bacon supplier is, but don’t ever switch. The pancakes were great as well – kind of cinnamon-y, but that might have been the pool of syrup I drowned them in…

We both ate for under $16, so it wasn’t outlandish – I even paid (out of guilt for making him pay a service fee for the ATM). It’s good food, and I never complain about paying for that. Especially if it involves bacon.

Top 5 things about the Original Pancake House
1. Top-notch bacon
2. Immediate seating
3. Basted eggs are now my friends
4. Pancakes soaked in syrup
5. They have a Dutch baby on the menu – I wasn’t up to knifing into a baby at 6:30am

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd didn’t get to have breakfast with us (but she would have complained BIG TIME about 6am)
2. Only got to see dad for less than an hour (but still super glad I got to see him at all)
3. Apparently this is not the original original pancake house
4. Old people décor
5. All breakfast places forget to bring me my milk (yes, I’m 5 – what about it)

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