Monday, June 8, 2009

Izzy’s Ice Cream Café – St. Paul, MN

I’m going to write this in the style of the most hilarious conversation I’ve heard in a while. M. Edium (age 4) was telling EyeHeartPizza (age significantly older than 4) all about seeing Disney-Pixar’s UP and why it’s different than Wall-E. He ended every sentence with “And guess what?” which would bring an immediate response from EyeHeartPizza of “What?” This went back and forth for like 10 minutes with seemingly hundreds of you-know-what-followed-by-what exchanges. EyeHeartPizza is quite good at this game.

We needed post-dessert dessert after eating dessert at Luci Ancora. And guess what?


We went to Izzy’s in St. Paul. And guess what?


They have like 30 flavors of homemade ice cream including a couple vegan friendly ones like soy peanut butter. And guess what?


You get a scoop of ice cream (or two) and then they put a tiny scoop on the top called an Izzy so you can try another flavor. And guess what?


If you get a sugar cone, they put a malted milk ball in the bottom so it doesn’t leak on you when you get to the end of the scoop. And guess what?


If you get your ice cream in a cup because you’re spill-prone like me, they still put a malted milk ball in the side of the cup. And guess what?


The malted milk ball is clearly not a Whopper and is pretty gross. And guess what?


I got liquor flavored ice cream – Cherries Jubilee with an Irish Moxie (Irish cream) Izzy. Wurd. And guess what?


EyeHeartPizza got latte ice cream and she had a Cream Cheese Izzy (why does that sound dirty?). And guess what?


It’s decent ice cream, but I still stand by the fact that the Twin Cities has mediocre ice cream. It’s the best I’ve had HERE, and I can see why people rave about it if they haven’t had Whitey’s in Illinois, but it’s still just average. And guess what?


I just realized EyeHeartPizza has the mental debate skills of a four year old.

Top 5 things about Izzy’s

1. Izzy scoop is a great idea
2. Malted milk ball cone plug is a great idea
3. Lots of cool fun flavors
4. You can eat inside the scoop shop when it’s raining (like it was)
5. EyeHeartPizza paid

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd loved her some ice cream and we would have gone back to try every flavor before she confirmed Whitey’s was better
2. Ice cream is still mediocre
3. Malted milk ball tasted pretty bad
4. EyeHeartPizza didn’t even get a malted milk ball (she complained about getting the shaft despite the fact that she hates malted milk balls)
5. I know I’ll end up back here at some point if I get a hankering for mediocre-but-still-beter-than-everywhere-else-in-the-Twin-Cities ice cream


Trash said...

You know what?


That's exactly how the conversation went. Hilarious!

Josh said...

I was just at Izzy's myself on Saturday. I had the chocolate almond with a salted caramel Izzy in a waffle cone, which also comes with the malted milk ball. The salted caramel is awesome. We went home with a pint.

EyeHeartPizza said...

listen chad, that's just how god made me...okay?