Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Santorini (Happy Hour) – Eden Prairie, MN

Since 2009 is the year of the happy hour, I threw one together for some work people. We had low attendance, but since the guest of honor (or horror – can’t remember) EnyaFace! couldn’t make it, a lot of people cancelled. Not to be deterred, I got to Santorini before everyone else and started the festivities alone. I found a nice table on the patio since people said they wanted to sit outside (in the billion degree heat). (I’ve reviewed Santorini before for lunch, but not happy hour.)

Santorini is a pretty swanky place for a happy hour, but they have a really excellent happy hour menu and drink specials (which I didn’t know before I got there, since their online happy hour menu is non-functional). They didn’t really have a girly drink menu, so I just ordered from the extensive list in my head. Something simple – vodka pineapple. I was surprised when the drink came out in a plastic cup like they just took the sippy lid off. Weird, and surprisingly down-scale. This might be my kind of place, after all.

I started by ordering a couple of appetizers for myself (still sitting alone… sigh). I got some Santorini Sliders and these Hoissin Ginger Ribs. And while I was waiting for my food to come out (still alone…) a couple of work people showed up to make me look less like an alcoholic loner with no social skills sitting at a large table by himself. They ordered a couple of drinks and some food as well.

My food came out and looked delicious! (I forgot and ate the fries and a rib before I took the photo and I’m not THAT good at photoshopping food back into photos – sorry)

The hoissin ginger ribs were not as awesome as I had expected, nor was there as much meat as I had hoped. Maybe I’m spoiled by the Rib Quest that I’m on in the Twin Cities. The ribs weren’t bad by any stretch, and in fact were pretty good. But not amazing like Lee and Dee’s or anything. The sauce was a bit weird, but it grew on me quickly. And heck they were really cheap, so I’m not going to complain at all. The santorini sliders were EXCELLENT though. They came with little potato wedges which were seasoned really well and crispy. And the sliders were basically gyro meat and grilled peppers (and some onions which I picked off) between two pieces of pita. The flavor was top-notch, especially when dipped in the cucumber sauce that came on the side. Get these things.

Not sure how many drinks transpired during this time, but the strawberry lemonade (with vodka) was really awesome. (Thanks, Claudia.) Since I was still hungry, I ordered another appetizer form the happy hour menu – prime rib and cheddar croissants. I didn’t get a photo of this one, but they were really cute mini-croissants with prime rib and melted cheddar (kind of like the name describes huh?). I was going to get the Tony Sliders, but someone steered me away from them, thankfully.

And then there was the issue of paying the bill after everything was winding down. I’m still not sure how this got arranged, but one person got stuck paying the entire tip for our party on her credit card. The waitress tried t explain it, but it still sounds like she got screwed and I’m going to make sure she gets a free drink or three next happy hour.

Only 6 of us showed up for happy hour, but it was a good time had by all (mostly those of us who were able to capitalize on the happy hour pricing). We’ll catch you next time, EnyaFace!

Top 5 things about Santorini for happy hour
1. Santorini Sliders
2. Strawberry Lemonade (with vodka)
3. Prime Rib and Cheddar Croissants
4. They can trash it up for happy hour (plastic sippy cups)
5. Really close to work so I can get maximum use of happy hour hours

Bottom 5 things
1. Happy hour without Gerd just isn’t as happy, even with awesome people
2. Paying the check was a fiasco (is fiasco a greek word? Sounds like it.)
3. The service isn’t the fastest at Santorini, so settle in and get comfortable (or order multiple drinks so you don’t go dry…)
4. Tony sliders (according to “someone”)
5. It was like sitting on the surface of the sun on that patio since it was like a hundred degrees yesterday

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Melanie said...

Santorini seems like the perfect place to have a work gathering. I love those reunions because it is the chance to see people you work with outside work in a more relaxed atmosphere. Last year I was sent to the Argentine branch the company I work for has. I got an apartment rental in Buenos Aires in the neighbourhood of Palermo that is full of bars with "after office" environment. I organized a reunion for the guys at work. They enjoyed it so much that we turned it into a weekly meeting!