Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mojo Monkey Donuts – St. Paul, MN

D.Rough and I have been trying to find a free morning to go to this new donut shop in St. Paul. She knows donuts are my kryptonite, so she knows how difficult it has been NOT going on a day she couldn’t go with me. But she surprised me by swinging by there while we were doing errands on the weekend. She rules!!!

The inside is bright and cheery blue and the donuts they have available are in a glass case on the top of the counter. They have sooo many different kinds of donuts. Some raised, some glazed, bismarcks, bars, and popovers. All of them look delicious and all of them are crazy combinations of flavors.

For example, I ended up with a cherry-almond glazed bismarck, as well as a huge strawberry glazed twist. D.Rough got a peanut butter and jelly donut. We also got a red velvet cake cake donut for her mother and a oreo and peanut butter cup donut with root beer glaze on it for D.Rough’s sister.

The donuts here are really good. It isn’t just the hype of unique flavor combinations. They actually taste good and are very fresh. Everyone we saw walk out of here had a huge smile on their faces… including us.

D. Rough was also quite happy with her coffee order, especially when she saw they had some unique add-ins available. Like this Blonde Coconut Organic Palm Sugar. I don’t have any idea what that even is, but she loved it.

Top 5 things about Mojo Monkey Donuts:
1. Delicious donuts
2. Variety of ingredients/toppings
3. Super friendly staff
4. Finally a donut place with RAISED donuts (aka REAL donuts)
5. They do have a bacon covered donut that I didn't even get!

Bottom 5 things
1. Mojo Monkey is dangerously close to our house
2. D.Rough refers to this place as Moho Monkey, invoking the Spanish pronunciation
3. Now that I've been there with D.Rough, it's perfectly acceptable to now sneak away and buy donuts whenever I want! (Oh wait, that's a GOOD thing!)
4. I've heard the best donuts are available right when they open (however, we had an awesome selection around 11am, so I wouldn't worry about this!)
5. They weren't baking anything back in the exposed kitchen when we were there. I like to watch the donuts being created. Maybe there's a mad donut wizard back there that I missed because we came in too late...


spikenheimer said...

went there with Ump a couple months ago and they were giving away some tasty chai donut holes by the sackful bc it was closing time…

FoJo tells me i need to try out YoYo donuts in mtka, but that it has to be an early in the day trip… but that they have the super weird topping/ combo donuts there.

also? yes yes yes! to the raised vs cake donut!

Chin Sink said...

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