Friday, May 25, 2012

Santorini Honeymoon – Day 8

Worst day of our lives. The day our honeymoon ends. Sigh….

We woke up and took as long as humanly possible packing our stuff for the flight out. We had our breakfast delivered to our upstairs balcony, because now that we’d done it once, we were already spoiled. So that part was nice… But then back to packing. The airline had delayed our flight two hours, so we had time to kill.

When we went to settle up, we (meaning me) realized I didn’t have enough cash in my wallet to pay for the rental car, so Mike told us to take the rental car back into town, find a cash machine, and buy some souvenirs. As usual… no problem.

So we ran out of the reception area and up to the car, fired it up, hit the accelerator, swerved onto the road, and then… crept forward about 2 miles an hour. We were behind the donkey wagon train. Hahahahaha. See, everything IS slower in Greece. That was just a nice reminder to bring the blood pressure down a notch.

We drove the five minutes to Fira and walked through the streets one last time. We bought a couple bottles of the awesome wine we had the previous night at Ambrosia, and then we bought a couple souvenirs, including this awesome monkey on a toilet wall hanging for our basement bathroom (if you haven’t experienced our basement bathroom, this wouldn’t make sense to you, but if you have… you know).

We got the cash we needed for the rental car and headed back to say our good byes. It was a sad affair. Truly it was. These people were absolutely wonderful to us and made sure we had an awesome honeymoon. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

They got us on the shuttle back to the airport (the awesome Canadian-Greek guy from the first day of our trip), and we settled in for a couple of airplane flights to Amsterdam. We started the voyage home with some bacon chips and some girly cocktails – Gin N Juice and Smirnoff Ice.

Quick layover in Athens, and then we landed in Amsterdam. We had help from the information desk to hop on a bus to our hotel and we made it without any problems at all. We only had to walk one block from the bus stop to the hotel – The Boutique Hotel View.

The place was nice and the people there were very friendly. They helped D.Rough carry her luggage up to the smallest room ever. Hahahaha. Our bathroom in Santorini was bigger than the entire room in Amsterdam. Oh well. We’re in Amsterdam – it isn’t like we’re going to hang out in the hotel, now are we?

The best part was the bathroom. The toilet and shower are basically the same thing. D.Rough couldn't stop laughing when she heard the toilet flush in middle of my shower. You do the math.

I’d been to Amsterdam before, but wanted to show D.Rough around a bit. So we headed out. It was a 15 minute walk to a small city street fair and then another 10 minutes to the red light district.

We were starving so we found an Indian and Indonesian Restaurant in the red light district called… wait for it… Kama Sutra. Dur! What else would it be called? All kinds of hilarious sounding dishes (and positions) on the menu. Take a look at this awesome wall painting behind my new wife!

We ordered a lot of things. Basically two different sampler menu items. And honestly, the food was delicious. We really didn’t dislike anything at all. Excellent flavor, no gristle, no grease, and plenty of spice. We would actually recommend this place to anyone!

We headed out into the red light district to check it all out. It’s just as I remembered it – not scary, not seedy, not dangerous. It’s a culture shock if you haven’t been here before, but it’s just the way things are here. If you’re in Amsterdam, you need to go here for a night and walk around. There’s people, food, music, “adult” entertainment, bars, coffee shops, pizza/fries/donut/waffle places, and a ton more. I looked for some of my old band’s stickers, but didn’t see any (we blanketed the entire red light district with stickers when we toured over here a few years back).

We found a donut shop and then walked back to the hotel (again, perfectly safe), and cashed out for the night.

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