Saturday, May 19, 2012

Santorini Honeymoon - Day 2

In the middle of the night, we were woken up by an incredibly loud wind. It was rattling our front door and sand was blowing in underneath it. It was pretty serious. We looked out our back window and saw all of the outside furniture from the other suites had blown into our pool. It was apparently extremely serious. It made it difficult to sleep, but as exhausted as we were from travelling, we managed to grab a couple of z's.

When we eventually did wake up, it wasn’t even safe for us to leave our room because of the storm. We managed to make it across the hotel compound to breakfast, but were blinded by sand. REALLY dangerous winds. So, when we finished breakfast, we staggered back to our room with our eyes close and chilled out inside. We had an indoor hot tub, after all.

And BBC World on the TV.
And some books. And thankfully, we had picked up some snacks from the grocery store in Fira the night before.

Later this night (like 10pm), we decided the wind had calmed enough to venture out (probably still shouldn’t have, but we did). We walked up the street (wearing sunglasses in the dark to protect our eyes from the sand) to the Mexican restaurant, but it was closed. So we took a cab to downtown Fira and went to Lucky’s Souvlaki.

Lucky’s is a well-known spot for locals and tourists alike. Lucky is a character and really makes guests feel welcome. While eating, D.Rough and I met a super fun couple from Ethopia (originally from the Bronx), who were vacationing. Avi and Ben. Their flight had been canceled because of the wind and they were going to try to head out in the morning. We ended up drinking with these guys into the night. Lucky put on some gloves and went back into the kitchen to make tomorrow’s gyro meat pole. He takes pride in his work and after we saw the results (he took us back into the kitchen), we knew why. The guy is an artist. He had layered thousands of pieces of marinated meat onto a pole that would be used for tomorrow lunch and dinner. That’s a lot of work.

We saw a little advert for a Scottish bar in the area - the Highlander, and since we had gone to a Scottish bar in Florence after a delicious meal, we thought we’d do the same thing tonight. We headed to this Scottish bar/night club and had a great time drinking girly drinks and doing my impression of dancing.

We had some terrible girly drinks, but then we saw some college girls order drinks with sparklers in them. We knew we wanted those. They had to be good, right? Cha-ching! They were delicious.

The night club was a little slow this night because of the dangerous winds, but we had a blast. We took a cab back to the hotel in the wee hours and cashed out pretty quickly.

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