Monday, May 21, 2012

Santorini Honeymoon – Day 4

We woke up and realized we hadn’t eaten the baklava from the night before. So we made that happen. Breakfast Baklava in Bed. Triple B.

We loved the car so much, we asked Mike if we could keep it another day. He said, “No problem” (he says this all the time and he means it), made a simple adjustment to our contract, and we were on our way. We went back to Fira and did some shopping. We ended up buying a bottle of Tsikoudia, which is that moonshine stuff we had at lunch the other day. We planned to become close friends with this stuff. (Again, I have more to explain about this stuff, just be patient.)

We picked up more Lucky’s Souvlaki for lunch and came back to the hotel for a swim (the cleaning crew at the hotel was incredibly fast and were already cleaning rooms and the grounds from the storm the night before, by the time we had left). Unfortunately, they were cleaning our pool. So we went out to the common pool area and ate our lunch and sunned a bit. We were going to swim in the big pool (which they had already cleaned), but the owner told us not to just yet (I’m guessing they had shocked it with chemical and we would have peeled our skin off in an acid bath if we had jumped in), since he could see we had our suits on and were ready to cannonball.

We went to Kamari to find the open air movie theater there, but the entire town of Kamari looked like it hadn’t opened yet for the season.

We found the theater, but it had a sign on the entrance saying it opened at 9:30 (presumably when it got dark).

So we drove to Akrotiri to grab some dinner at a place we drove by the previous day. It looked like it would have a perfect view, so how bad could it be? We found out it was terrible. When we first pulled up, we thought, "cool, there are a few cars here, so it's edible, right?" When we actually parked, it looked like the cars had been there a while, due to flat tires and rusted out bodies. They were planted there to make it look good. We were actually the only ones in the restaurant (aside from the family that was both working and playing cards in the dining room the entire time we were eating). We had an awful meal, followed by an even more awful dessert that actually angered D.Rough. Pretty sunset, only partially obscured by the cliffs and rocks, ruined by dinner. Here's me giving the thumbs down on dinner.

We headed back to Kamari to catch the movie, but when we arrived, it was completely dark. Sadface. We had high hopes. So we zipped back to Fira and found some gelato. That makes everything better. We were getting to know Fira pretty well by this point, which is nice.

We had chartered a sailboat around the island for the next day, so we came back home so we would be well rested for the trip. And NOT hung over on a boat.

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