Saturday, May 26, 2012

Santorini Honeymoon – Day 9

We had a slow start to day today. We didn’t want to leave, so we took our time. We were going to see some of Amsterdam in the day and when we ran out of time, we’d head back to the hotel to grab our things before heading to the airport. Sigh...

We found a nice place to have breakfast, first off. B&B Lunchroom. We walked by a shop that had people standing outside taking photos of the muffins in the window. Really. Of course, that means that’s the kind of place we want to go and have a little snack before starting our day. We had a sandwich and a nice muffin, juice and espresso.

We hit up the pedestrian flower market, like you’re supposed to do, and just kept on walking. We headed in the direction of the previous night’s street festival and it was going strong. Looked like a lot of fun, actually.

Then, we came across a Febo. Our good friend Rocky reminded us we had to eat at Febo for him when we went to Amsterdam, and it was a staple of my diet when my old band toured over here a while back. Febo is like an automated snack shop out of the Jetsons cartoons from the 80’s. Delicious fried food is put in tiny warming compartments (a wall of them). You put in a handful of change and you get something tasty out. You can order fries at the counter, if that’s your thing, but it wasn’t today. Just the fried curry chicken roll.

We walked the red light district during the day, and while it’s toned down a tiny bit from the previous night, it is still the red light district. I will say the 1st shift ladies you have to choose from are a far cry from the 3rd shift ladies you have to choose from. I just calls it like I sees it, people.

We popped into the Amsterdam Sex Museum, which is a hilarious collection of artifacts, paintings, animatronic people, sculptures, peep-show negatives, and a host of other odd things. It’s worth a look, especially for the price.

Again, more shopping. Not for anything in particular, but just to look and see. We still had some souvenir ideas we were looking to complete, after all. It was getting close to that time where we had to leave, but we had just enough times to get a cone of fries at Chipsy King.

Rocky had suggested we get the Oolong sauce on them, so we did. Oolong sauce is like a Thai peanut sauce, which I’m fine with. Then she quickly squirted on some mayo (which I can power through), and then a huge cupful of onions (which my guts don’t like me to power through).

We collected our fries and then went and sat in the plaza and watched swarms of people going to, from, and around the street fair. It was a beautiful day.

We collected our things from the hotel and I asked if they still had the bread sprinkles. I know you’ll think I’m crazy, but only in Amsterdam have I seen these small boxes (like Nerd-size boxes) that contain chocolate or sprinkles for your bread. I love them. It’s like someone didn’t like cinnamon on their toast in the morning, but their kid dumped a box of cake sprinkles onto their bread and hit the jackpot. The lady working the counter told me I could take some for the road. So I did!!! Hooray!!!

We headed to the bus stop to catch our bus back to the airport and it started to rain. Perfect timing, in fact. Even the weather was sad we were leaving. We were having so much fun and then… bam. Back to reality. It was a long flight home and the adjustment back to working life has been awful. But we’ve got these awesome photos and stories from our honeymoon. I wouldn’t change any of it. It was perfect for us both.

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Anonymous said...

Chad, I came back to the blog to thank you for your review of Bangkok Thai Deli. Went there a couple of weeks ago and was blown away by the food (in more ways than one -- this is one Thai restaurant where "hot" means "hot"). I definitely will be back and bringing people.

Oh, and congratulations on getting married. I hope you two always stay this happy with each other!