Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pneumonia - My Lung

I recently updated everyone on my emergency room visit but I felt as if I left a few things unsaid about pneumonia as a whole. First off, I should complete the story. Chao and I were at the fair enjoying the mass amount of food we photographed for everyone's enjoyment. I began to get extremely tired, and kept asking if we could sit and rest. At first I thought I was just lazy and had eaten too much, but then realized I was at a whole other level of tired. When we got home from the fair, I fell asleep on the couch, and when I woke up I had a pain in my ribs. I figured I slept on the couch funny, as I was avoiding smashing a wee dog who seemed to need to share the couch with me, and pulled a muscle. So naturally we decided to go eat and start drinking. After a less-than-wondrous punch (which is a story for another post) I was feeling quite happy about my situation (I will say this - there is a lot of alcohol in that drink). We returned home and I proceeded to throw up (hey, I didn't say this story would be pretty!) (The question is...can I use any more parenthesis? Let's find out!)

The next day I woke up and couldn't take a full breath without screaming. My biggest problem at that point, however, was the fact that we were out of Diet Mountain Dew. So I convince Chao to go to the store with me to satisfy my caffeine addiction, and of course I choose to go to the fancy one that always has a plethora of samples on weekend days. We walk around shopping, sampling, and of course I screamed a couple of times if I took a deep breath. After our trip I decided it might be best to visit a doctor, which you read all about in the earlier post about my hospital visit.

To sum up last week, I missed an entire week of work (minus Labor Day which I already had off), I slept a LOT, I have leftover Vicodin, Chao is extremely patient, and I don't want to get pneumonia ever again. I am feeling better now, although in the process of being stabbed repeatedly by the IV Special Teams, I now have phlebitis in my arm. This means I can't touch my vein or it hurts but I get to take codeine. Not the worst exchange in the world.

Top 5:
1. I am NOT a bossy girlfriend, but I totally got Chao to do all kinds of things for me while I was sick.
2. No work for a whole week although it wasn't the most enjoyable way to spend the occasion.
3. Pain killers.
4. I watched lots of terrible TV.
5. I didn't have to wear pants everyday!

Bottom 5:
1. Pain.
2. Public embarrassment from yelling as a result of pain.
3. I was really funny all week but couldn't say anything funny out loud or I would laugh, and then scream in pain, and then cry from the pain, which caused more pain.
4. IV Special Teams.
5. Phlebitis.


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