Friday, September 12, 2008

Christos – Minnetonka, MN

My work team decided to celebrate our boss’ birthday by going to Christos Greek Restaurant in Minnetonka. It’s not really close to work, but with the boss along, how can we get yelled at for taking too long, right? Score.

The place is not easy to get to. The restaurant website even says so, so if you’re planning a trip here, print out directions from their website – they give turn by turn directions and you’ll need them. Once you get there, you’ll be greeted by (impending broad generalization statement) typical surly Greek staff. Hey, I do know a LOT of Greek people. After they reprimanded us for bringing such a large group and not calling ahead (which we most certainly did and they forgot), everything ran quite smoothly.

I won’t go into what everyone ordered since there were like 12 of us. However, I got a Hot Sampler (which sounds just a tiny bit dirty), which has some gyro meat and a couple of unpronounceable items also. According to the website, it also came with Loukaniko and Koupepia. The Loukaniko is a spicy pork sausage (kind of like a spicy brat for you Packer fans). It was really good and flavorful, especially dipped in the tzatziki. Highly recommended. The Koupepia (also known as Cyprus Dolmathes) were grape leaves stuffed with ground beef, lamb, rice and herbs, and topped with a lemon sauce. This had potential, but I think the sauce was so overpowering that it took away from the whole thing. You could tell it was super good though. I would get it again for sure. The gyro meat was good like it usually is, so no complaints there either. Topped off with some fresh squeezed lemonade and you’ve got yourself a pretty awesome lunch.

If you can find this place (I know there are easier to find locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul), I would suggest going there. It’s really good. It’s not a gyro stand kind of fast food place. It’s a full-on sit down just-short-of-fancy restaurant.

Top 5 things about Christos
1. The Loukaniko
2. Everything on the menu was explained in detail
3. Lemonade was really good
4. Very classy restaurant
5. Homemade tzatziki sauce

Bottom 5 things
1. Super hard to drive to
2. Surly Greeks (No offense)
3. My belly (despite it’s external profile) is too small to eat everything on the menu
4. I chuckled when I thought about the TV newscaster saying, “Let’s go Greek” (if you don’t know, don’t ask) (if you do know, don’t tell my mom)
5. This is another Greek restaurant that doesn’t offer a Snuffalupagus.


Rod said...

I use to eat Greek regularly. Thanks for bringing up bad memories.

stacy said...

Ahhh...the rare Snuffalupagus...I think you can find it in Elmo's Diner...