Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Annie’s Parlor – Minneapolis, MN

Trash, Gerd, and I got to the Ron Sexsmith show about an hour early (before the doors were even open to the venue), so we walked around Dinkytown a bit in search of entertainment. We did some second-hand clothing browsing (I think it was at Everyday People), looking for apparel for our team Halloween costume. Items almost purchased:
• Skin head flight jacket which said “Brass Knuckles” on it
• Bull fighter tiny jacket
• Blue see-through silky shirt with leg holes
• Square dance duds
• A Lorax-fur jacket
• Purple ruffle-y shirt
We didn’t find anything worth buying for the costume, but I will tell you this – Trash has issues telling the difference between square dancing and polygamist. (I’ll just let you ponder that for a while…)

Trash recommended this burger place for us to try, which is amusing, since she’s a vegetarian, but whatever. She walked us to Annie’s Parlor and then up 300 stairs. The place has a weird vibe – kind of divey, but you have to wait to be seated. But the people seemed friendly enough (though the host took a personal call as we were walking up to the desk and he waved someone else over to seat us – rude).

Gerd and I had already eaten, so we split a bacon cheese burger (sad, but true). Trash ended up with a veggie burger after she harassed the waitress – “Is the veggie burger ASS or is it GOOD?! – Oh, you hesitated, it must suck.” She decided on getting it anyway, but the transaction made our already skittish waitress more uncomfortable. We split some fries, which Trash said were awesome – they were. The veggie burger, which we were all forced to try was edible from my standpoint. Being familiar with the taste of flesh, this patty (I refuse to call it a burger) made with smashed sticks, grass, and other parent-less items tasted like all of the above. Even the cheese covering the top didn’t help. However, Trash said it was really good. So all you vegetarians, this might be a place to get a decent veggie “burger”.

Gerd and I’s burger was really good. More than enough for both of us, even cut in half. Really juicy and flavorful, and ample bacon and cheese. I got a look from Trash when I mentioned it was better than Matt’s. There must have been some mistake when we went to Matt’s – but my burger wasn’t that good. I’m willing to accept someone had a bad night in the kitchen or someone new was starting, so I WILL give Matt’s another try. Geeeeesh, some people are touchy.

If you’re in Dinkytown (near the University of Minnesota), this is a great place to go. I’ll go here again and I’ll get my own burger. The malts looked good, but I would have exploded fo sho.

Top 5 things about Annie’s
1. Great burgers
2. Fries
3. Anything with bacon
4. Pretty quick to get in and out (TWSS)
5. The milkshakes/malts looked awesome

Bottom 5 things
1. 300 stairs
2. Weird vibe
3. No parking
4. veggie burger (from a carnivore viewpoint only)
5. I wish I hadn’t eaten before coming here


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