Monday, September 1, 2008

The Chalet Motel - Duluth, MN

When all of the big name hotels are booked in Duluth, where should you turn? Motels. When we stopped at the Duluth Visitors Center for brochures, we found one that had a list of motels in the area. We began calling and found one with one room left. Dirt cheap. They asked when we could be there and we told them 20 minutes.

We drove straight to the Chalet on London Road without any problem. Gerd said, “We should go check in now and look at the place, so we know how much we have to drink to be able to sleep there.” Turns out, we didn’t need to drink at all.

The place was like an old German chalet with stucco and exposed beams on the exterior. The inside was like a typical one story motel you see in the movies (with the exception of there being a second floor). Blue carpet with blue bed sheets and blue curtains. The bathroom and shower were tiled floor to ceiling with beige and white tiles. But it was livable, and actually quite quaint and quiet (three Q-words). And they had expanded cable (but no internet).

The form we had to fill out was like an index card like in the old days. There was a field on the form entitled “Representing.” Gerd was confused what to put there, so I told her to put South Side The check in guy told us it was the name of the company if they were paying for us. Our bad. Also Gerd told me, “The can of Raid behind the counter was for wasps and hornets, not roaches, so it’s ok that we stay here.”

I did get yelled at for laying on the comforter, but I can only assume I would have gotten yelled at for that anywhere we stayed. I’m a guy, I just don’t think (or care) about stuff like that. Apparently, it’s a big deal that the comforters aren’t washed as often as the sheets. Whatever.

Seriously, it’s under 65 bucks on weekend, and is worth it if you don’t intend to spend a whole ton of time there.

Top 5 things
1. The price
2. Extended cable
3. The room and bathroom were clean
4. Really close to the action, less the 5 minute drive to Canal Street
5. There was a mini fridge for my dew

Bottom 5 things
1. No Internet
2. Still living in the 70’s
3. No online reservations
4. No place to set things in the shower
5. Curtains didn’t cover the window all the way

There’s no website, so don’t bother.

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Anonymous said...

sorry but they're gone. by this time next month (april 2011) they will be a hole in the ground. another minnie mall and office complex for Duluth