Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Royal Mile – Des Moines, IA

English pub with one of the best Scotch menus I have ever seen. I ended up here with some friends before a show I went to across the alley. The Scotch isn’t cheap, but then good Scotch is not. Everyone else had eaten, so I grabbed a food menu and decided on the Inglehoffer and some Glenmorangie Sherrywood Scotch.

The Scotch was good, but not as sweet as I expected it to be. Not the pub's fault. The Inglehoffer was a sandwich with a halved sausage, ham, and melted swiss cheese on it. It was amazing! Thick cut French bread with meat and cheese. That’s a good combination. The waitress was awesome and super helpful, and the place was clean yet dark. Kind of like a standard English pub. Go Des Moines for putting together some of the mother country in its downtown. I could have eaten about 90% of the things on the menu. They even had scotch eggs, which are my favorite.

Everything was fine until the douche-bag wedding group showed up, including the bride who kept publicly fixing her breasts. We left then.

If you’re in downtown Des Moines (don’t know why you would be, but whatever), go here.

Top 5 things
1. Scotch selection
2. The menu was seriously extensive
3. The Inglehoffer ruled
4. Wait staff were awesome
5. The food was REALLY affordable. I think I paid 7 bucks for a sammich and fries.

Bottom 5 things
1. Next to a metal bar
2. D-bag wedding party
3. The restroom – after Jim used it for a half hour
4. The sign looks like it says Royal Milf
5. I had to rush my dinner to catch the show

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