Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Red Dragon - Minneapolis, MN

The Red Dragon is probably the restaurant I have been told the most about from a few different people since moving up here. I have heard that the Wondrous Punch is fabulous and the food is not. We went to try it the day I came down with pneumonia (well Chao has been here before). Jim, don't be mad that we didn't call you. This was a total last minute decision after I made a serious error in the kitchen. I can cook a lot of things, but if it involves toasting bread, everyone is screwed. After burning the bread for our dinner at home (well, the bread was the entire dinner - we were lazy), we went out and ended up at the Red Dragon. Whew! That was a lot of extra information. Sorry.

We get to the Red Dragon and both order Wondrous Punch. If you are interested, you can find the recipe here. I have done a fair amount of drinking in my time but due to the fact that I am not in college anymore and the reason behind my nickname, I have significantly reduced this habit. I stick to strictly things that taste good including anything Chao makes, beer and wine, and small amounts of whatever it is. Wondrous Punch does not taste good. Unless mine was made wrong, it has very little juice mix in it and has large amounts of alcohol in its place. It didn't taste Wondrous. However, not one to back down from a culinary challenge, I went for it anyway using every strategy I could think of short of plugging my nose and chugging to finish. Chao was getting very nervous. I was getting very tipsy.

Our appetizer arrived which was either crab rangoons or cream cheese wontons. I Wondrously can't remember which, but they were super good! The sweet and sour sauce is served in plastic red ketchup containers and the hot mustard sauce is served in plastic yellow mustard containers making me feel like I was on a Chinese picnic. The only thing missing were picnic baskets with Peking Ducks hanging out the side. Our food came next and it was really good. Mine had shrimp and chicken or pork (again a bit fuzzy on this) and some other stuff I can't recall. I liked it though and am glad I didn't listen to people who knocked the Red Dragon's food. Chao liked his too. Don't ask me what he had either.

Top 5:
1. Cream Cheese Wontons or Crab Rangoons.
2. Picnic condiment holders.
3. Crazy people watching goodness.
4. Good food.
5. Fun atmosphere.

Bottom 5:
1. Wondrous Punch needs more juice as I am a lightweight.
2. During busy times you have to wait as it is a happening place.
3. Kind of expensive.
4. Parking.
5. I didn't mean to get all dru@4lkd)$312avpqmx/

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