Monday, September 1, 2008

Rey Azteca - Chanhassen, MN

I’ll just start by saying this past summer, I’ve been totally blown away by a couple different restaurants that happened to be in a strip malls. Rey Azteca was one of those experiences. It was REALLY good. We’ve complained about the lack of quality Mexican food in the Twin Cities and have been lucky enough to find a couple of edible places. It’s outside the cities a ways, but it’s worth the drive.

The place is set in a strip mall with a Cub Foods and other random smaller stores, so it honestly doesn’t look like much on the outside. In fact, once you walk in, it doesn’t look like much on the inside either. You stand in line (if you have to wait for a table) right in the line of traffic. People are eating next to your elbows and you have to keep dodging servers. It’s one of those non-flow layouts.

We didn’t wait long to sit. We ended up ordering some things we didn’t usually get, since we were feeling risky. And we ordered margaritas. The margs were pretty big, so one of us was a little tipsy by the time it was all said and done. But the food was amazing. The chips and salsa were great, including this white cheese/ranch sauce that was served with the salsa. I’m convinced it wasn’t ranch, since I loathe ranch, but apparently there was a small amount of ranch in it. The enchiladas were really good and cheesy, and the chimichangas were especially tasty.

The server brought us our order and then came back 30 seconds later and told me he had given me two of the same chimichangas, instead of one beef and one chicken. I assured him it was fine, and he demanded to bring me out the correct thing, which came out like 2 minutes later. The guy took pride in his work, so I’ll give him super credit for it.

The guy taking money was like the Hispanic Michael Scott (from the Office), except he was kind of a d-bag. Very efficient, but no smiles and kind of ordered people around when they were standing in the line of fire while waiting for a table. Luckily, he was distracted when I went to pay, so I didn’t have to deal with him, but it wasn’t like he was a pro-active jerk, he just wasn’t personable at ALL. That’s who he is and he’s fine with that.

Eat here. It’s really good. Bottom line.

Top 5 things
1. Margaritas were huge, and not terrible
2. The enchiladas were cheesy and good
3. The white cheese/ranch dip ruled
4. Super fast service
5. Our server wouldn’t stand for mistakes

Top 5 bottom things
1. Bad location
2. Money guy
3. Bad layout inside
4. Décor was a little strip-mall-y
5. No mariachi band, as advertised

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Jason Beert said...

Try Little Tijuana's. Not only do they serve vegan food, if you wish (and I know you don't care about that). But, the food is good, they are open until 4 AM, you can color on the tabelcloth, they waitresses are all metal girls, and the last time I was in there they played the entire "Back in Black" album while we ate