Thursday, April 9, 2009

Corner Bar – Minneapolis, MN

After a brutal class last night, some guys decided it was drinkin’ time. We had hit up Town Hall Brewery last week, so we decided we didn’t want to walk as far to drink, so we only made it as far as the Corner Bar (which is directly across the street from the Town Hall Brewery). I had heard they had a decent menu, so I figured why not.

The inside is a standard sports bar with crap tons of televisions (mostly showing the same boring baseball game). The inside isn’t noisy, but there weren’t a lot of people there on a Wednesday night. There were people, but there were empty tables as well. We checked out the menu, which said something being new and found lots of stuff to eat. The appetizers were the same price as the sandwiches, so the other guys ended up splitting some wings and a pitcher of beer and I got a meatball sandwich with onion rings and a jack and coke.

The food came out pretty fast and looked awesome. The meatball sub was smaller than I expected, but I might be spoiled by my hometown meatball sandwich place in Illinois where they’re huge. But lots of onion rings came with it, so I won’t complain. I got full. (And it was too dark to take a photo). The meatball sammich was actually, very good. Great pizza sauce and the meatballs tasted like actual meat. The onion rings were tasty, but there more undone spots than usual, so there were some batter issues clearly. The jack and coke (or however many I had) were the regular drinking glass kind, not the tiny glass kind, which is always an added bonus. Apparently, when I go out with people now, there seems to be some drink-spillage problems. Even though I'm not the spillee, I seem to be around a lot when it happens recently.

The bill was quite a bit more than I expected, but I guess maybe they take full advantage of the full-size drinks (since I took advantage of the full-size drinks). But the food was good and it’s close enough to walk to when I’ve had a rough night at class.

Top 5 things about the Corner Bar
1. Tasty sub
2. Full size jack and cokes
3. Lots of onion rings
4. You could hear your tablemates
5. Decent sized menu for a bar

Bottom 5
1. Gerd would have gone out for drinks after class (and she would have swiped my pickle – no that’s not code)
2. Sub was a tad small
3. Onion rings still had some doughy spots
4. It was waay more expensive than I thought
5. Most of the “new appetizers” were wings of some sort

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