Tuesday, April 28, 2009

White Castle (Breakfast) – Minneapolis, MN

I’m assuming many of you out there have eaten at White Castle at some point in your lives. If you haven’t, I wouldn’t recommend it, but some people feel they have to at least try the place. What a lot of people didn’t know is that they have breakfast. I’ve heard some people talking about it lately, so since I was in the neighborhood at 0’god in the morning, I popped in the drive thru to check it out.

Here’s as close to a recommendation for White Castle as you’ll get out of me – It wasn’t terrible.

I got a couple sausage, egg, and cheese sammiches on the standard white castle super soft buns, and an order of french toast sticks. He breakfast sammiches come in the same cardboard containers as the regular burgers, but were not bad, borderline good in fact. (The sad part is I’m comparing it to other fast food breakfast sammiches and the competitors are actually ranking higher on my scale – that should tell you something.) The buns make the difference in the flavor somehow, I’m just not sure of the science behind it. The french toast sticks were standard frozen sticks deep fried with a syrup dipper thrown in. Standard fare I guess.

For those of you who knew Gerd, you’ll know she was a SERIOUS fan of White Castle. Not even a joking kind of fringe fan – she went regularly and tried to hide it from me regularly – ha ha ha. At first I thought it was odd that she never mentioned eating breakfast there, but when you have your morning routine timed to the second (and still never get to work on time), I understand she wouldn’t have had time to swing by in the morning. That being said, I thought about her the whole time, knowing she would have given me grief about this breakfast for the next 10 years, secretly feeling snubbed that I didn’t take her with me for breakfast.

If you feel it is your mission in life to eat at a White Castle, then I would suggest breakfast there rather than lunch or dinner. My stomach hurt noticeably less after breakfast then it did when I remember eating burgers there. My stomach was still angry at me, but not trying to claw its way out of my body.

Top 5 things about White Castle for breakfast
1. Milk from Kemps – ha ha ha ha ha ha (I crack myself up)
2. Soft buns on the sammiches
3. I successfully rationed my dipping syrup so each bite of deep fried french toast had some – rarity indeed
4. Cheap and filling
5. There was no one in line – I wonder why

Bottom 5 things
1. This was Gerd’s favorite fast food. She should have been there with me…
2. Feel like your entire person is covered in grease afterwards
3. Post-breakfast gastrointestinal issues
4. I still don’t feel like eating ever again and it’s lunchtime
5. My car now smells like Gerd’s car and it makes me miss her terribly


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Trash said...

Gerd didn't go to White Castle for breakfast because she would have been MOCKED ALL DAY by her carpool buddy. Ugh. Although I can't object as a non-meat eater since that food isn't meat.