Sunday, April 19, 2009

Justin Timberlake Fest 2 – Minneapolis, MN

I got invited by HotGirlsBrother’s friends to attend this year’s Justin Timberlake Fest Party. HotGirlsBrother and TheDoctor were hosting this event at TheDoctor's house. I was half hoping it wasn’t as serious as they were making it sound, but alas, I was wrong. Now, I’ve got nothing wrong with Justin Timberlake, and in fact think he’s a good entertainer and has a great voice, but the style just really isn’t my thing. But, I just got my grade for one of the MBA class I wasn’t doing so hot in and I passed. But mostly, these are good people and I like them… and I had four flasks filled with a variety of girly high-octane beverages. (I won’t tell you what they were filled with or you’ll be convinced I DO like JT…)

I arrived and didn’t make it further than two steps in the door before four people and a dog hugged me. I’m not complaining, but the dog DID get a bit fresh with me. I wish Gerd had met LeBron. Gerd would have never left the house if that had happened, but I know she would have loved LeBron second only to our wonderdog Zoey. Secondly, I was in a rush to get to the party, so I forgot my belt. And pants stuffed with four flasks weighs down a guy’s pants, so I had to borrow a belt to keep my pants up – it wasn’t one of THOSE kinds of parties… or was it…?

So JTFest2 is just what you think it might be. A bunch of people sitting around watching Justin Timberlake concert videos… And singing along… Loudly… and getting VERY mad when people talk… and take photos… which I did anyway… with a flash… which apparently throws off the mood…
(Note LeBron in the bottom of the photo. Gerd would have stolen LeBron for SURE!)

Here’s how dark the room was WITHOUT the flash.

A lot of people whom I wouldn’t necessarily assume would like Justin Timberlake seemed to know all the words. And occasionally his dance moves, which were demonstrated (with the assistance of some alcoholic beverages).

Then there was some bizarre conversation about Prosopagnosia (which is a medical condition, not a sweet metal band… yet) in the laundry room after talking about bladder shyness and kicking the host in the nards (See? None of it made sense even to those of us that were involved in the conversation). Then the night ended with some Mastodon and Metallica Guitar Hero, even though the red drum pad didn’t work. Apparently, the snare drum accounts for 58% of the drum music, which when left out (like the drummer from def Leppard) brings you to a total score of 42% - Fail.

Top 5 things about Justin Timberlake Fest 2
1. I get to tell people I went to a Justin Timberlake Party
2. Copious amounts of alcohol
3. Celebration for my passing grade
4. Hilarious conversations about how hot JT’s forearms are
5. LeBron is a licker

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd would have loved everything about JTFest2 – LeBron, Justin Timberlake, awesome friends, girly drinks
2. I forgot my belt
3. I haven’t gotten word yet of a Mastodon or Intronaut Party
4. I had a flask malfunction and one of the girls had to assist in opening it
5. Bummer red pad on the Guitar Hero drums
[Editor's note: #6 would be the amount of crap I've gotten from the TheDoctor about NOT putting his name in this post enough - ha ha ha]

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