Thursday, April 2, 2009

Town Hall Brewery – Minneapolis, MN

So after a long class, my project team and I decided to hit up the Town Hall Brewery to unwind. Gerd and I went there once and I had gone before on previous trips to Minneapolis. So I knew the place was good. The THB is one of those dark-wood old-timey feel bars with homemade microbrews and really awesome and filling food.

When I’ve gone here in the past, I’ve ended up with the Mashed Potato Pizza which is incredible. But I decided to mix it up a bit. I went with the Goat Cheese Nachos, since they sounded vaguely evil (what with the goat and all) (anything with “goat” in it sounds evil to me). There’s an option to put chicken on it as well, which I did. Top that off with a Jack and Coke and I knew I’d be sleeping well later.

The waitress brought all our food out and I was most pleased. A large plate of tortilla chips slathered in a goat cheese crème sauce, salsa, and chunks of chicken. It was incredible. The cheese was very rich, but combined with the salsa, it was the perfect rich and spicy mix. Seriously, I would recommend the heck out of these things. I finished most of them, despite trying to get the others in my group to help. I was pleasantly full – not the whining kind of full, like sometimes happens.

I would have taken a photo, but it was too dark. I could draw you a photo as well, but you wouldn’t recognize it as food, I assure you.

The place filled up with more people about 9pm and then got sort of loud. Our group was leaning forward at our table so we could hear each other, but it still wasn’t like a club atmosphere or anything. Just a little noisy with lots of people talking. I don’t even think the music was that loud, just a good bar crowd.

I love the Town Hall Brewery. I’ll be back there for sure. And now that I know I can order something besides mashed potato pizza successfully, I’ll be more adventurous – though those nachos were freaking good…

Top 5 things about the Town Hall Brewery
1. Goat Cheese Nachos
2. Mashed Potato Pizza (from previous trips – it’s good enough to make this current list!)
3. Large list of microbrews and other drinks
4. Great wind-down spot after a long day
5. I heard the Winterberry homemade brew is top-notch

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd loved to eat here and I know she never tried the goat cheese nachos
2. It’s dark and hard to read the dark menu
3. The noise level ramped up after 9 (like normal bars, so I shouldn’t complain)
4. Had to get my own silverware from the server station
5. I did want to try about 10 other things on the menu (not REALLY a bad thing)


Febrifuge said...

This place has an awesome oatmeal stout, or did about 10 years ago.

I need to start a list of places to revisit, once we return

annemossity said...

You have to try the fries. My friends and I meet there regularly and the common denominator is always a big 'ole plate of fries. You nailed the atmosphere exactly. In summer, the tables outside are a great place to eat, drink and people watch.