Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Icosium Kafe – Chicago, IL

We tried to go to one of my favorite Chicago breakfast places (Orange) this Sunday morning, but when we showed up, there was a huge crowd of people waiting to get in. Our group was not convinced that this meant it was the best breakfast place ever. Callous-un had lived in the area years back and remembered going to this awesome crepe place a couple times a week and thought we should see if it was still open. Thankfully it was.

We found the Icosium Kafe a block from Orange. Icosium is an Algerian crepery (as opposed to a French crepery) and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The inside has a middle eastern/north African feel to the decoration (that’s where Algeria is, you knobs), and the menu reflects that to some extent. We took a glance at the menu and everyone was impressed with the variety of choices available. We thought this would be a winner.

Icosium has a ton of different kinds of crepes available – breakfast, sweet, lunch-ish, or full dinner crepes. I was torn between a number of crepes, as was everyone else. We all got a variety of crepes: Trash got the Crepe Salem – Pineapple, honey, and walnuts. CorpseKitten got the Crepe Labella – Banana, Belgian chocolate, toasted almonds, and coconut.
And I can’t remember what Callous-un got, but her’s was tasty (I DO remember that). I finally decided on the Chicago Crepe – which I’m slightly embarrassed about since I generally try to un-Americanize my food when at ethnic-skewed restaurants. I’m sooo glad I did though.

My order comes with a bowl of soup. I had the choice between vegetable soup or chicken soup. I went with the chicken, not knowing what I’d get. It wasn’t chicken noodle, it was straight chicken in a chicken broth. And don’t let that description fool you – it was delicious. Small pieces of chicken in a seasoned broth with some vegetables in it – what’s not to like with this thing? The soup came with these small pita piece things that were awesome when put in the soup like croutons/dumplings. Awesome soup, truly.

My crepe was amazing and one of the best I’ve had.

It had Muenster cheese, avocadoes, sun dried tomatoes tapenade, fresh cilantro, bell peppers, scallions, organic greens, and sun flower seeds. And just because it sounded right, I ordered Merguaz inside (Algerian lamb sausage) – and it was oh so right. Each bits had sausage in it, so there was plenty inside. It was very seasoned without being spicy and complimented the rest of the ingredients very well. The avocado was tasty and not hidden, and the sun dried tomatoes were perfect in this crepe. I couldn’t have been happier with this choice (seriously, I didn’t even reconsider ordering bacon in this thing – like I usually do). It was perfect. I kept raving about it and the only one in my group that could share the raving was CorpseKitten since she’s not a vegetarian. She concurred – delicious.

I was happy to see they had Orangina here, as well. It’s always been a favorite of mine since the first time I went to France, and the fact that I could drink it while chowing on a crepe (even an Algerian crepe) brought a smile to my face and a whole bunch of hilarious memories from Paris (including watching a high speed chase complete with guns in front of us while eating crepes – frighteningly delicious). Trash raved about this place enough to commit to coming back to Chicago in two more weeks just to eat here again.

Just go here.

Top 5 things about Icosium Kafe
1. Chicago Crepe
2. Merguaz (Algerian lamb sausage)
3. Chicken Soup
4. Orangina is the best thing to drink with crepes
5. Crepe Salem

Bottom 5 things
1. So many things to order on the menu
2. The restroom is through the kitchen (I’m assuming it’s frowned upon for public use)
3. Trash changed her mind 10 times on her order. Once the food came out, hers was the least good – still amazing, but hers wasn’t as amazing as all of ours were – sucks for Trash
4. Everyone’s crepe came with fluffy whipped crème except mine (yes, it wouldn’t have gone with the savory stuff, but still, I felt left out)
5. How many carrots must die to get fresh squeezed carrot juice?!?!?!

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Ruby James Vita said...

I was going to ask who was the awesome that ordered the Orangina. Nice!