Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Peoria Rivermen vs. Manitoba Moose(s) – Peoria, IL

Like I said, my family loves them some hockey. We all piled into various cars and headed down south to Peoria, Illinois, to watch the Peoria Rivermen play the Manitoba Moose. Again, I’m not a fan, but I do like to yell in public. So we chilled out in the stands and saw what Peoria had to offer. The Rivermen won in overtime in an action packed game (seriously, that wasn’t sarcastic this time).

Two of my nephews were at the game and the whole point was to embarrass them. Unfortunately, they’ both are used to my family, so it was very difficult to actually embarrass them. I tried though. My voice hurt afterwards.

My family went home with all kinds of schwag, but the hilarious part was my father. He would kick up his feet on the railing when the players were at the other end of the rink. Then when they would come back towards our end, he’d put his feet down so his shoes didn’t block the action. Yup, that’s my dad.

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