Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hi-Life – Seattle, WA

The big group of us needed to grab some dinner before Karaoke so ChickenLittle decided on the Hi-Life. He said it was pretty nice, but he didn’t tell us it was a date restaurant. When we showed up, there were red velvet curtains we had to walk through inside the door and red velvet curtains on all the windows and the lighting was really dim. Also, there were CLEARLY people on dates all throughout the restaurant.

We checked out the drink menu which was pretty decent. There were a couple of girly drinks of note on it. I got an Elderflower Kiss – elderflower liqueur, sauvignon blanc, lemon juice, and a splash of soda. A couple of other people got the Red Cadillac Margarita - Hornitos tequila, grand marnier, cranberry, lime and orange juice. When these drinks came out, I really liked mine, until I tried someone’s Red Cadillac Margarita. Again, I should have let someone else order for me – the Cadillac was awesome.

In most situations where I can’t decide between a couple of things, I generally ask the waiter to decide for me. I was torn between the short ribs and the rigatone. He said the ribs were really good, but the rigatone was excruciatingly good and had an awesome veal cream sauce. Sold. A few minutes later, he showed up at our table with a steak knife for me, so I was confused. Then, a few minutes later, he brought me the short ribs. I didn’t complain, since I’m usually a fan of short ribs, and it wasn’t worth the hassle, since he said they were also good. They were ok, but far inferior to what I thought I was getting, I’m guessing. The ribs were super fatty, but had a good flavor. They came with some sort of slaw (which apparently is slivered brussel sprouts) and mashed potatoes (which were good). I definitely would have rather had the rigatone…sigh…

We all laughed because 3Bagged got a heaping pile of mashed potatoes on a plate and shared with everyone. It was just like being home with the family where everyone just scoops out what they want from everyone else’s plate during the meal. We’re big share-ers – it’s our southern blood.

Overall, I’d say it was just an average meal and despite the food mixup, our waiter was pretty good. Based on comments heard around the table, I think most people thought the meal was average or maybe barely above average, but no one really raved about it. Hopefully, this place isn’t the only date place in town. I have heard the breakfast at the Hi-Life is pretty good though. Might have to hit that up at some point when I’m back in the Northwest!

Top 5 things about the Hi-Life
1. Red Cadillac Margarita
2. Elderflower Kiss
3. Got to eat with awesome friends who always make me laugh
4. Shared taters
5. Really good waiter

Bottom 5 things
1. Food mixup AFTER the waiter talked me into a better entree
2. Fatty ribs
3. It’s pretty dark inside
4. The bathroom is around the bar, through a hallway, up a few flights of stairs and then turn right
5. I almost wish I had gone with one of their pizzas – they sounded delicious


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