Monday, February 22, 2010

Mioposto Caffe e Pizzeria – Seattle, WA

Since I was a bit under the weather with a bit of food poisoning, Pul-Chevy came through with a quick review of the pizza place we went to after roller derby. So if you have complaints, be sure to direct them at him. Hahaha

On the last night of our stint in the Pacific Northwest, we met up with ChickenLittle's GF and went to Mioposto, a pizzeria in the Mount Baker neighborhood of Seattle.

When we pulled up, I noticed that there was a large park right across the street, as well as a lot of homes, so the neighborhood vibe was a more "chill" one than our previous treks for food in Ballard or other busier neighborhoods. Kind of nice for our last night. Upon walking in we saw approximately 12 to 15 areas that sat a variety of numbers. We grabbed a place for the six of us, and the host and waiter both stopped by immediately. Very cordial folks, and once they walked back to their staff area where other cooks and servers were, you could tell by the camaraderie that everyone enjoyed their job.

3Bagger and I decided we should order some bruschetta for everyone to start on. A couple people ordered pop, and it came in little 10 ounce glass bottles (mini-me versions of what Coach and Chao would normally want, but no matter; it worked). No one ordered beer or girlie drinks. Most of us decided to order our own pizza, with the exception of ChickenLittle and his ladyfriend, who decided they would split a vegetarian calzone. Both Coach and 3Bagger decided on the straight-up pepperoni pizza, and I decided on a specialty pizza.

Here's the rundown on that item, as well as the other food we ordered, taken from their online menu descriptions:

Matt's "Pizza Raccolto In Autunno"
With olive oil, butternut squash, pancetta, garlic, rosemary, mozzarella, goat cheese, caramelized onions, balsamic reduction and red pepper flakes.

Mix and match three slices. Choose from agro dolce and goat cheese, roasted tomato and basil with fresh mozzarella and mixed olives with arugula.

Vendura Calzone
Roasted mushrooms, artichoke hearts, caramelized onions, sweet peppers, mozzarella and vinaigrette in a caputo crust envelope. Served with a side house salad.

Pepperoni Pizza
With salsa di pomodori and mozzarella.

The bruschetta was a mix of three different styles. I didn't know that when I ordered, nor did I know we were getting three slightly smaller pieces than I was used to, but throw all that out the window because the dish was damn good. (See... I'm accustomed to ordering Bruschetta at a variety of Italian places in Chicago, and every time I ordered it there – cheap-ass or fancy – it would be chopped tomatoes, onion, garlic, basil, and olive oil atop crusted bread).

My pizza was phenomenal. The size was noted as being 10" diameter, but our pizzas were clearly larger than that, maybe even bigger than 12" (I love mentally placing punk rock records over circular things to get a sense of size - haha). The crust that Mioposto makes was clearly what made things for me. It's thin and had a distinct flavor that was unlike other crusts I have had. Not overly salty, but… it's hard to explain… just really flavorful, yet simple. I don't know what else to say about why I loved it so much - I was in my element, really, for I love butternut squash in Italian food, and I could eat goat cheese every day for the rest of my life. The balsamic reduction was either laid down under the crust or it had seeped through the crust, so with each piece of pizza you picked up you could dip it a little bit. Hell yeah. The only thing that I may have changed about this is that I like my crust just a little more crispy, so it didn't droop a little bit when you picked up a piece.

All in all, good eats and good friends. A nice wrap up before heading home the next day.

top 5
1. The Pizza Raccolto In Autunno
2. Bruschetta
3. Coach playing with his little 10 ounce bottle (TWSS)
4. Having someone who knew the waitstaff + having a genuinely jovial server and host
5. 3Bagger continuing to talk like Super Mario even during our last night

bottom 5
1. Chao still ill from the night before, not being able to eat one bite.
2. The kitchen's first attempt at ChickenLittle's calzone was a failure, so he got his food later than everyone else's. However, the price of his dish was taken off the bill due to the error.
3. Knowing this was the last night together for a while
4. Slightly floppy crust
5. Chicken Little and his ladyfriend and their overly abundant PDA's - hahaha, burn!

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