Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Karaoke at Tarasco Mexican Restaurant – Seattle (Ballard), WA

When out in Seattle with ChickenLittle, par for the course is hitting up at least one karaoke bar. Since we had a good group with us, we knew it was going to be fun, especially with the liquor flowing as freely as it was. We went to Tarasco and commandeered a couple of tables right in the front. The guy has an amazing collection of songs and if he doesn’t have what you’re looking for, he’s not afraid to download it right then and there for you.

We ordered the first round of drinks and then lost track. After only a few drinks, Coach was already to show us his pterodactyl impression, which had us all rolling.

Then we began to light this bar up with our awesomeness. I will remind you the drinks were flowing freely, and none of us are professionals. Unless professional idiots is an actual job, in which case none of us get paid enough for the amazing job we’re doing.

I will warn you in advance, these files are enormous, so you might want to pause them and let them download first.

Here, ChickenLittle busts out “The Power of Love”.

I managed an awful version of “On Bended Knee”.

Pul-Chevy threw down the best version of “Run To The Hills” EVER. Watch his sweet gallop and dance moves!

ChickenLittle whips out “Jesse’s Girl”.

And finally, Coach sings a song no one has ever heard before and then got mad when no one knew what it was. Apparently, it’s Lionel Richie’s “Sail On”.

All in all, it was a good night. We didn’t get some of the songs on video, which you should thank me for. But I will tell you this… I did power through brilliant versions of Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face” and Carrie Underwood’s “The Next Time He Cheats”. I’m pretty sure my friends are now horrified by me.

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