Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vera’s – Seattle, WA

ChickenLittle wrote down a couple of breakfast places within walking distance of his apartment for us to try out. We picked one and headed to Vera’s. It’s a basic greasy spoon diner in Ballard. Nothing flashy inside, but seemed like good people.

We scoped out the menu and found some pretty awesome breakfast specials on the back of the menu. I got the one with French toast, eggs, bacon, and toast. We sat and chatted while we waited for our food. At one point, Coach noticed back in the kitchen, he could only see the tops of the cooks’ heads and said something about this food is going to be magical since there are dwarves cooking it. But then he thought maybe the window was high or the floor of the kitchen was below the restaurant level.

We got our food pretty quickly and set about eating it. I always go back to that phrase that it’s hard to screw up breakfast, but I seem to find places that can. The food really wasn’t that good. Really quite flavorless. The syrup for the French toast was amazingly thin and the bacon had very little flavor (which is always disheartening and ruins my day).

Coach got an Italian Omelet and was disappointed by that as well. The eggs were super thick and stiff like an overcooked quiche and his hashbrowns were oddly flavorless as well (Pul-Chevy and I both swooped in on Coach’s food after he gave up on it).

I got up to pay for our food and when I walked past the kitchen I’m almost positive the cooks were actual little people. I wouldn’t put money on it or anything, but I’m pretty darn sure. I’m not a height-ist at all, but those two guys don’t make a quality breakfast. I’m just saying.

All in all, it was a pretty sub-par breakfast. I’d skip Vera’s if I were you. The place might have had two other tables being utilized inside and that should tell you something.

Top 5 things about Vera’s
1. Super friendly staff
2. Really cheap breakfast specials
3. It seemed clean for a greasy spoon diner
4. It was within walking distance from ChickenLittle’s place
5. We walked to the locks afterwards and hung out until it rained

Bottom 5 things
1. Flavorless bacon
2. Odd texture for an omelet
3. Runny syrup
4. Hashbrowns were super bland
5. French toast tasted like nothing

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