Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don’s Leather – Minneapolis, MN

I needed to get some buttons sewn back on my leather jacket, so I found out where a lot of the retail stores take their leather to have it repaired, cleaned, or altered – Don’s Leather over on Lake Street. I’d never heard of it, but now that I’ve been there, I’ll take all my leather items there.

I brought my coat in the customer entrance and talked to a guy named Mickey. Really super helpful guy. He told me these sorts of things are usually done in a couple of days, so I should expect a phone call within a week to pick it up. It was like $1.50 per button, so the whole thing cost me $6.

I headed out of the place and started down Lake Street. My phone rang about 5 minutes later and it was Mickey from Don’s Leather. He said he gave my coat to the boss and she said she’d do it right away. He asked if I could drive back and pick it up if I hadn’t gone too far. AMAZING!!! Of course I certainly did.

I picked up my coat from Mickey and thanked him profusely for the speed and helpfulness. The coat was perfect. So now, I’m trying to spread the word about Don’s. They take really good care of their customers and if you have anything you need fixed or cleaned, I suggest you take it there. They’re good people.

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