Saturday, February 6, 2010

Interbay golf Center – Seattle, WA

ChickenLittle had to work again, so 3Bagger was forced to babysit us this day. We had already eaten breakfast, so when we met 3Bagger at ChickenLittle’s place, he had a surprise for us – Nintendo64 with GoldenEye!!!! We pretended to try to figure out what outside activity we were going to do and then caved and hooked up the N64 and started blastin.

We finally voted on going to play some mini golf. 3Bagger drove us to the Interbay Golf Center, which is a pretty sweet golf complex. They have a heated driving range (a LARGE one), a full course, and also a mini-golf course. The reason I like Interbay is because they’re fans of drinking while playing. They have a Driving Range Happy Hour. Yeah, I said it. Bucket of balls and a PITCHER of beer for $15 everyday from 4-7pm. Also, they have a Mini Golf Happy Hour featuring a round of mini golf and a 16oz beer for $10 everyday from 4-7pm. That’s what I’m talking about. Too bad it was too early for happy hour.

The course isn’t very well maintained and it might just be because it’s winter, but it was still a little shocking at the mud puddles and the missing bricks and the random beer cans and glasses all over the course and dry creek features and a severe lack of clown heads and wagon wheels. But whatever. That wasn’t what we were here for. We were here to have fun.

I won’t go into detail about who was the most awesome or who had the most holes in one or who pulled off the most amazing shots, but I will say we had an absolute blast. There were some high scores and some low scores, but it was amusing all the way around.

Whoever added up the scores the first time, apparently added them incorrectly and Coach proclaimed himself the winner and gloated about it all weekend. Upon arriving home and checking the scores we see there was a three-way tie for first (which I was not a part of). Coach’s reign of terror came to a screeching halt.

We had fun, but don’t expect an immaculate course or anything. But it’s Seattle, so you can pretty much play year round and they love to drink at Interbay! Hooray!!!

Top 5 things about Interbay Golf Center
1. Fans of golf and drinking – like we are!
2. I got the only hole-in-one (and still didn’t win)
3. I think it is unlimited mini golf
4. Coach didn’t quit once
5. 3Bagger is a high roller and paid for us all

Bottom 5 things
1. Mini golf makes me think of Gerd and I’s minigolf smack-talking challenge. We loved to play whenever we could and she would have loved to have been there in Seattle like we were last year at this time. Sadface.
2. It’s in pretty rough shape
3. No clown heads
4. Listening to Coach brag about winning – he’s a sore winner
5. Pul-Chevy’s amazing bounce outs

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