Friday, February 11, 2011


Why didn't anyone tell me they sell my favorite root beer in the world in a pony keg? Now where's my bendy straw?!?!?!

(It would have been much funnier if the price had actually been $19.19, but alas it wasn't...)

(Now, I need to wait until Coachie D can take a weekend off to come to Minnesota and get all diabetic with me! This will be much easier to defeat than the half-keg of Sprecher Cream Soda we got a few years back. 30 Liters of sugary soda will destroy your brain cells - but it was worth it!!! This 5 Liter keg won't be a problem.)


Coach said...

Oh, now I will have to find the time to get up there!

xl pharmacy said...

I guess I’ve never made a bad root beer float. I’m probably the best root beer float maker that there is. Maybe you can do better – I don’t know.