Monday, February 7, 2011

Space Aliens – Albertville, MN

D.Rough’s parents went on a super sweet snowmobile day-trip last weekend, so we thought we’d hang out with D.Rough’s sister SalsaSandwich for the day and go have some fun. D.Rough wanted to take her sister to Space Aliens – a space/alien themed restaurant with food and tons of video games. I’ve heard about it and it has been recommended to me (especially by friends who have children), but I’d never been there. I plugged it into the GPS and headed out. Yes, it was a half hour away, but it would be worth it.

We arrived at the Northeast Minneapolis location only to find it closed. Not closed for the day, but closed forever. Suck suck suck.

D.Rough was still determined, however. I jokingly said, “The GPS says there’s another one in Albertville” (Albertville is another hour away), and D.Rough said, “Let’s go!” Really?! Well, we had nothing else to do and it was below zero outside, so we headed up the interstate to Albertville. SalsaSandwich cashed out in the backseat the whole way, so she had no idea we were in the car “getting lunch” for like 2 hours… hahahahaha.

We went inside and got seated. There’s a LOT of neon all over the place and all kinds of fun space toys and posters and movie cells and blinking lights. Pretty awesome place. We checked out the menu before we did anything else – people were seriously hungry at that point. I was VERY surprised at how much variety the menu had. I wasn’t expecting much, frankly, but there were a lot of things that sounded delicious. Burgers, wraps, sandwiches, pizzas, appetizers, soups, salads, some Mexican food, ribs, BBQ, steak, potatoes, and probably half a dozen other things I’m forgetting. They also have a pretty awesome drink menu (both adult and regular beverages) which includes shakes and malts.

Even the bathrooms have space and alien themes going on!!! Awesome!

It took us a while to decide, but we finally figured it out. D.Rough got a giant baked potato (she’s been her before so she knows the potatoes are like 8 inches around) filled with beef brisket, sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon bits, fried onion petals, and bbq sauce. SalsaSandwich got an Alien burger with cheese – and because she’s awesome, she got a double. She got fries, of course, and a couple of random dipping sauces (there are 10 different ones to choose from). AND she got a Dew in a space alien drinking glass – can you tell I like SalsaSandwich’s eating style?! I finally decided on the Planet of the Zombies Taco Burger – burger with nacho cheese, lettuce, tomato, olives, taco chips, jalapenos, and taco sauce. …and fries, of course, with spicy ketchup and nacho cheese dipping sauces. I thought I’d top it off with a Pink Squirrel, as well – that’s a pink milkshake with some delicious alcohol of some sort in it (doesn’t even matter what kind).

Then we went to play a crap ton of video games and won as many tickets as possible. D.Rough needed to vent a little frustration on the whack-a-mole game before she exploded on a young man in the game area. HILARIOUS!

The food came out after we got back from the first round of games and we were all pleasantly surprised.
SalsaSandwich’s double Alien burger was freaking enormous. Seriously. One of the biggest restaurant burgers around. She said it was delicious and she ate about 75% of it before throwing in the towel.

D.Rough’s giant baked potato was delicious. It could have used a little more brisket in my opinion, but it was very flavorful and enormous. I’d probably get one of these gargantuan potatoes the next time I go back here. Tons of toppings and everything tasted excellent.

My own burger was pretty amazing, in all honesty. I’m not a huge fan of olives, so I got rid of as many of them as I could, but everything else was fantastic. The meat was perfectly cooked and it tasted like a fantastic taco burger.The fries were crispy and delicious (not much different from most regular fry places), and the dipping sauces were really good. The spicy ketchup wasn’t very spicy, but I always love cheese sauce with my fries, so I was very happy.

The Pink Squirrel went down really smooth (twss), and I would have loved to order 5 more of these things. They have a bunch of adult milkshakes here at this place, so make sure you look at the drink menu.

Once we finished up, we went back and played half a billion more games to win tickets. SalsaSandwich ended up with a boatload, so she cashed them in three giant alien whoopee cushions. Yes, those kind of whoopee cushions. My face hurt from laughing at both her and D.Rough making all kinds of jokes and noises on the LONG ride home.

Classic Saturday fun for people who know how to have a good time!!!

Top 5 things about Space Aliens
1. Planet of the Zombies Taco Burger
2. Giant Baked Potato with Beef Brisket
3. Pink Squirrel
4. Video games are always a winner
5. Really huge menu for a theme restaurant

Bottom 5 things
1. There are tons of rotten little kids running into you and ignoring you and yelling and there’s nothing you can do about it
2. The potato needed more beef in it
3. It’s like 2 hours away from me
4. I REALLY would have liked to see some video games for grown-ups there, even though they don’t dispense tickets
5. I heard this place actually has fantastic ribs, and I didn’t get to try them (my own fault, but I’m still bummed)

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lee said...

i wish i could take a 2 hour nap in the backseat and wake up to delicious food and fun games!

those some monster whoopie cushions! good choice!