Friday, February 4, 2011

Granny Donuts – St. Paul, MN

I had to sneak some donuts into my guts the other morning and didn’t want D.Rough to find out about it. Not for any reason at all (she won’t yell at me about it or anything, I promise). Well, actually, it is because I have this theory that sneaked food is exponentially better than publicly eaten food. Halfway down the ladder from this exponential value is stolen food from a sibling or friend, but that’s for another story.

I woke up early for my regularly scheduled round of disc golf (yes, I play in the snow), and headed straight to Granny’s Donuts – a place dangerously close to the new house that I drool at when I drive past five or six times a week…

I strolled in and walked right up to the counter. I was between rushes, since it was packed inside and 5 cars just pulled into the parking lot. It didn’t take me long to decide what I wanted. Here’s how the conversation went down:

Me: “I want a Bavarian Crème donut and a glazed donut.”
Surly Asian man: “How many?”
Me: “One of each, please.”
Surly Asian man (agitated): “But how many?”
Me: “One Bavarian Crème donut and one glazed donut.”
Surly Asian man (very agitated and speaking loudly and slowly as if I don’t understand the King’s English language): “How. Many. Total.”
Me (holding up two fingers): “Two. Total.”

So surreal I almost can’t believe it. Then I started chuckling at how hilarious that must have looked to the 5 people in line behind me.

Anyway, I got my donuts and hit the road to eat these donuts on the way to the course. But not till I took a photo, of course!
I’m not sure what sort of magic display cases Granny uses in her shop, but it heats the donuts. These donuts were not only delicious, they were also soft and warm. Temperature usually doesn’t make that much of a difference for me, and maybe it was 3 degrees outside, but the hot donuts made life all sunshine-y and puppies-y. REALLY good donuts. The Bavarian crème was super stuffed full of creamy goo and the glazed donut wasn’t greasy. That’s how you make donuts. You can take your stupid cake donuts and stuff ‘em, Rocky. Raised is where it’s at!!!

I’d recommend the heck out this place. I know most donuts are pretty much the same, but I’ll sneak away to Granny’s some other time and pretend D.Rough doesn’t know anything about the crumbs all over my shirt when I get home.

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