Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Donut Hut – Little Canada, MN

I’ve been a donut kick lately, and much to my surprise, D.Rough suggested I hit up a donut shop she knew of, on my way to playing disc golf Saturday morning in the snow. It was by her grandparent’s house, but she didn’t actually say she had been there. Whatever, she had me at “donut”.

I pulled up to the Donut Hut and popped in. A couple of old guys were in there having coffee (like old guys do). There were a couple of whiteboards with items and prices on them, but I didn’t even pay attention to those. I went straight to the donut case and decided quickly. I needed a vanilla frosted donut and I was also intrigued by something that looked extremely “adult”. (ChickenLittle will by laughing at this when he sees the photo, I’m sure of it)(in fact, D.Rough made a comment about it when I showed her the photo, as well) Turns out, the donut in question is called a “butterfly”, so that’s how you’re supposed to order it – without snickering like a 12-year-old.

Note, this isn’t my first experience with adult-inspired donuts. That being said, the “butterfly” isn’t actually an adult donut – I’m just VERY immature.

I headed out to the car and began eating (and driving, even though my father will yell at me for doing both at the same time)(I also took the photo and texted all at the same time)(take THAT coppers). Very good donuts. Nothing special – just good quality donuts. The “butterfly” was actually the better of the two – it’s like a double cinnamon roll with some chocolate frosting in between them. Fantastic idea ad well executed. I’ll get this again!

Overall, not a flashy donut place, but they’re good at what they do. Again, not greasy and nothing tasted like it had been in the case for a week. I’ll be back here soon – the next time I play some Frisbee at Acorn Park.

Donut Hut
31 Little Canada Road East
Little Canada, MN 55117

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Anonymous said...

You stay away from acorn hippie that course is crowded enough!