Monday, December 22, 2008

Amazing Thailand – Minneapolis, MN

Gerd and I have driven by a handful of Thai restaurants we haven’t eaten at, so we thought we’d give this one a try. It had been reviewed highly, so we weren’t worried (though I will admit, the first one we intended to go to was closed on Sundays).

First off, I dropped off Gerd at the door (it’s negative degrees here) and went to find a parking spot. 20 minutes later and about a quarter mile, I found one. She thought I had died in the snow when I walked in the restaurant.

I sat down and she informed me she had already ordered spring rolls for us. She rules. Just then, the waiter came back and asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I was sticking with water. Gerd asked for a diet coke and he walked away. About ten minutes later, he came back with the spring rolls. Dropped them off and left. He didn’t take our order or anything (the menu was huge, but it didn’t take us that long to decide, really). We finished our spring rolls, then waited an additional 15-20 minutes until he came back to take our order. Are you serious?

Gerd ordered the Yellow Curry and I ordered the Amazing Curry (apparently, we had a hankerin’ for curry). This took considerably less time to receive our order, but Gerd’s coke came out just before the meal, so about a half hour after she ordered it. The Yellow Curry had all kinds of beef and potatoes in it and was really good. Gerd said it was “just alright” at the beginning but with each subsequent bite, she raved about it more and more. It did however come with these giant fried wonton skins dipped in something red, so Gerd referred to them as the Thai Doritos. Nice. She agreed she would order this dish again at a future visit.
My Amazing Curry was actually quite amazing. It was a thick gravy-like peanut curry (remember 2008 is the year of gravy for me). The curry hid a substantial layer of chicken and was garnished with broccoli. Sounds simple, but it was really great. I’m glad I got it. No wonder it’s the most popular curry dish there (so says the slow waiter).

We will definitely go here again, but only if we’re in a patient mood. We’re convinced it was the waiter and not the restaurant, so we didn’t get too upset at the place. It was maybe just an off night for him or something. We’re pretty lenient, I guess.

Top 5 things about Amazing Thailand
1. Amazing Curry
2. Fresh spring rolls
3. Yellow Curry
4. Décor is pretty slick
5. Perfect amount of spice

Bottom 5 things
1. Slow waiter (all the other waiters seemed normal speed)
2. Thai Dorito shells
3. Parking blows
4. The outside has so much neon, you think it’s a strip club or something, but it’s much nicer inside
5. We missed the Thai Dance Show (Fridays and Saturday only)

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