Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fat Nat's Eggs - New Hope, MN

We have a fairly big list of breakfast places in the area to try and last weekend we decided to go for Fat Nat’s. It helped that we had a coupon of course. We arrived and put in our name and waited about 15 minutes for a table. This was the perfect amount of time to peruse City Pages looking for shows, and spy on other people’s tables to see what looked good. Fat Nat’s has a bit of a diner vibe in one room and the other is full of tables and chairs. The décor wasn’t anything exciting except random signage was nailed to one wall advertising daily specials and other menu features.

I knew straight off from scoping out other people’s food I had to get some American fries. I ordered a scramble of American fries, eggs, cheese, and ham. It was fairly basic but REALLY good. It was served with toast with the smallest amount of butter possible. Maybe the toast butterer was having a bad day. I, of course, located additional butter and remedied the situation. Chao ordered one of the specials consisting of two pork chops, eggs, American fries and toast. His pork (ha ha ha) was a tiny bit spicy and really good. He was picking something green out of his fries, maybe chives? Other than that his breakfast was really good as well.

This place is affordable and the food is excellent. We will most likely return - after the rest of our list is complete, of course. There is another location of this restaurant in Brooklyn Park.

Top 5:
1.American fries were fantastic.
2.Lots of cheese in the scramble thing.
3.Pork chops were super good.
5.The staff was super friendly and our waitress was awesome.

Bottom 5:
1.Little to no butter on toast.
2.Whatever green things Chao was picking out of his taters.
3.Décor could be snazzier but I am not complaining.
4.Not a lot of room when waiting for your table.
5.Location is a bit out of the way for us.

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