Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vacation - Day 8 – Show Low to Phoenix

My PLAN was to get up freakishly early and play one of the disc golf courses in Show Low at the crack of dawn. The fact, that I didn’t have anything heavier than a hoodie combined with the fact that I had a long drive in front of me nixed that plan. Oh well. Next time. We got a much later start than we had wanted to.

We did a quick tour of Show Low for Gerd, so she could see it in the daylight. It was bigger than she thought it would be, but still wasn’t impressed enough to look through the real estate ads. The drive out of town to the west was much less winding, but was also more snow covered. Not dangerous, but still a lot of snow and ice on the road.

We got into Phoenix with about an hour to spare before we had to return the rental car and check in for our flight. We had three different restaurants Gerd had researched for us, but we could only do one of them. We picked the Heart Attack Grill.

I will do a separate review of the heart attack grill – there are soooo many things to talk about there, so it deserves its own entry (TWSS).

We left the Heart Attack Grill completely stuffed and headed to Phoenix International Sky Harbor Airport. The rental area is really well layed out with each rental company having it’s own corridor of cones and cement tunnels to follow. The guy met us outside the thrifty booth and since he had his computer thingy read our license plate number, he said, “Mr. Jansen, right?” (I changed Gerd’s last name to protect her privacy/integrity/whatever). I said “nope.” He had a bizarre accent and it sounded nothing like Gerd’s last name. Gerd shouted, “Yes, actually that IS us.” Apparently she’s had her commonplace name butchered enough times, she recognized it. The Thrifty guy looked at me funny and then opened my door for me to get out of his car (which he now thought was stolen, I’m sure).

We whipped through checkin, then we whipped through security, then we whipped through the concourse to our gate. We sat next to these people hawking credit card applications who were really pushy. Gerd was mocking them openly (and loudly, I might add) and steering people away from those people. It was actually pretty funny. She wanted to set up a competing booth and give away starbursts or something to keep those credit card people’s clutches off of unsuspecting travelers.

We eventually made it onto the plane and home to Minneapolis. While waiting for our luggage there was a guy doing the most hilarious stretching exercises in the baggage area. He was making these hilarious grandiose movements and we were cracking up. Then another guy (who was only there to pick up his wife - not actually sitting on the plane for 3 hours like the rest of us) stood near him and also started stretching. Apparently they were in the stretching zone of the baggage area. Again, hilarious. No problems getting our luggage or grabbing a taxi home. However, when we did get home, we had to shovel 4 inches of snow off of our sidewalks. Let’s see, the last 24 hours: 32 degrees in Show Low, 70 degrees in Phoenix, and then 18 degrees in Minneapolis. Serious fluctuations in temperature…

Great vacation, then back to work the following day… sigh…

Top 5 things about vacation day 8
1. Heart Attack Grill
2. Super fast airport experience
3. Rental car area of airport
4. Much less winding drive going west FROM Show Low
5. Stretching guys

Bottom 5 things
1. Vacation was over
2. No disc golf
3. Snow on the ground to shovel
4. Credit card folks at airport
5. D-bag on the plane next to Gerd

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